Saturday, August 05, 2006

Cry Baby

Oh No! The Evil Vertigo has returned!
All I can do is cry.
This Has to stop, I am going insane!


ann said...


hope you feel better soon!

spider said...

Want you to know I, too, had the same Vertigo virus several years back when I was living in Toronto. I was a historical interpreter at Black Creek Pioneer Village at the time. I found myself trying to keep the visitors to the Weaver's Shop where I was working "still enough" (the room was whirling sideways in front of my eyes) so I wouldn't throw up as I tried to relate what I was doing at the loom. Went to the doctor's who said it was a virus and would pass. Like you, he gave me stuff for nausea and I remember how tired I was after taking it. DON'T WORRY - this will end soon. Just be patient, rest alot, and don't worry.

Lucy said...

thanks for the comments Ann and Spider. I AM feeling better, but just hope this is the end. (Spider you sound so kind... Do I know you? Or are you a friend of a friend? Or did you just happen to find me? ) I liked your entry- In case you win the contest- How do I reach you?

spider said...

No, you probably don't know me. I'm totally new to reading blogs and found you via Cara and Ann. I don't know them very well either, but met them both at Cara's "Spin Out." My e-mail is I'm a wife, mother of 2 boys (19 and 26!), spinner, knitter, natural dyer and writer in the field of fiber arts. Anyways, when I read some of your entries YOU sounded so kind, too! Thanks for spurring on memories of childhood with your contest. Cheers, Jenny