Sunday, August 02, 2015

happy August

"August is like the sunday of summer"...

what does that quote mean? what does it mean to you? I'm always looking for positive relatable quotes to put in my weekly email to my Zumba students. So on August 1st I sent out that quote. To me.. Sunday is my favorite day of the week. It's MY day. It's me first teaching my Zumba class which I love to do, then relaxing or I'm happily entertaining guests or going out to dinner with friends.  I look forward to Sunday. I also love August. My birthday month, beautiful beach weather.  So to me, I saw it as "August is as wonderful as sunday."
I think I am the only one who saw that.  When I read it to my husband he said.. oh thats sad but true. He said he saw it as Sunday is the last day of the week. the end. August always seems like the official end of summer. hmmm.. That's depressing.
well sure enough, several of my zumba students commented about it and they saw it exactly as he did.
Who wrote this damn quote anyway?  I found it in images when I googled Quotes about August.  Why am I up this late, still puzzled by this one stupid phrase.
"August is like....the best part of Summer!"~ lucy petals
goodnight. :)


Bone said...

Haha. I tend to agree with Mister Petals. I let my dread of Monday ruin much of my Sunday. But I prefer your super positive perspective.

Lucy said...

Thanks bone!! :)

Natasha Hanneman said...

I agree, I just love August, but it's been chilly here for about 2 weeks, so it feels like fall already not the last few days of summer! Hopefully we will get a few more warm ones and go out with a bang! Enjoy the rest of your fave month Zumba sister! :)

Giggles said...

Ha I think it's a cup half full thing! I saw it as you did.... I would put that to your class and say to them it's all how you view the world! Living in the moment and enjoying your Sunday is always best and thinking of Monday as a new fresh start is good too! Where as worrying about the end of something diminishes the moment!! The others need to up their " Cup half empty game!"

Hugs Giggles

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