Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Turn up the volume baby!

Wow! I have music! It was so easy too. I tried other links before with no luck, but this time I just clicked my friend Sherries music and was led to "you tube video codes." Please enjoy one of my absolute favorite artists BJoRk singing "It's Oh so Quiet". Scroll down and watch her adorable video. Hope you enjoy her!


Jeannine Bakriges said...

Hi Ms. Lucy,
Have just finally caught up on all your great posts that I've missed over the last week and a half. Loved the pics of you and your boys.

Tomorrow the plan is to catch up on e-mails...know that your's tops the list.

Poop! We have dial-up so I can't listen to or watch the You Tube stuff you suggested. One day they'll get cable connected to us rural folks in VT.

Much love, Jenny

giggles said...

You rock girlfriend!!! So cool, love the video....your spectrum just opened up!! What next Ms lulu Lucy? We are kindred spirits for sure!! Music is so important in my life!

Hugs Sherrie

daisies said...

i so love her ~ she is so freaking cute !!! music completely rocks my world baby :)

and you completely rock with the blog skills :)

Jane said...

I love Bjork. We play her at the office quite a bit!