Sunday, July 29, 2007

Rainy Day Sunday

What a Rainy, humid, stinky BLAH day here on Long Island. The last time it rained like this I had a puddle in my laundry room. Apparently, the trouble is coming from a gutter that is in much need of replacing. We also are in need of a roof and have been gathering estimates.( which, I would love to ask a favor... Would you tell me your opinions on what color roof would look best on an old brick house?, THANKS!)
Knowing we will eventually be getting the roof and gutters fixed, My husband came up with a quick solution to the rain pouring off the gutter and flooding my basement. Before I tell you, keep in mind this is a VERY smart and handy hubby. A hubby who has the knowledge and ability to get up on a roof and repair a gutter, a steeple, a Freaking sky scrapper! He decided to take the HUGE Yellow plastic slide that used to be on my sons old swing set, And place it against our home, allowing the water to drip down the slanted slide and away from the house! It looks bizarre and I'm sure the neighbors must be talking! It sits in the beautiful flower bed that this same man takes such pride in. He trims and lovingly nurtures each little tree, shrub and flower with fertilizer, water and tenderness. It seems out of character for him, but I am Not saying a word. No nagging or bitching from this smart little lulu. Nope. I have learned in our almost 27 years married, to save the bitching for the big stuff. I did suggest that on sunny days, we put that slide on its side so it's not visible from the street. That didn't last long, too often it poured when we weren't home to "PUT UP THE SLIDE".
Do you remember the show green acres? I hope I won't be climbing a pole soon to make a phone call.
Those of you who know my husband, know I have nothing to complain about, including the slide. He has always been more helpful than anyone I know. Right now, during this "lets stay home, rainy day".. He is putting multiple coats of wax on my NO Wax kitchen floor. He Insists on doing the "heavy work" for me. This floor is 23 years old. For the first 15 years or so, I would just wash it. Over time the no wax finish was finished. Handy Man to the rescue, He has it looking better than new. All the hard work he does around here gives me more time to sip my tea and blog about it all. Even take a picture just for you. This is not wet, just lovingly shiny!


Jane said...

Let's hear it for a helpful hubby!!! I think it is so awesome that he likes to do these things :)) Lucky, lucky, lucky Lulu!!!

Ally Bean said...

Wow that is one shiny floor. Very pretty. I like the no nagging approach to marriage, too.

deirdre said...

It's very good to have a handy hubby. My sweetie is good around the house even though it takes a while to get things done. You're right, pick the battles carefully, because, really, some things aren't so important. The yellow slide solution is very funny.

Tammy said...

Hi Lulu!
I wanted to thank you for stopping by and leaving such kind words. I've had 4 fibroids removed by the time I was 35. I'll add you to my bloglines.

Handy hubby's are known to "jerry rig" once in awhile. :) Mine is handy and loves his garden too.

BTW I'm a HUGE "I love Lucy" fan!


ann said...

he keeps getting better and better!

Remiman said...

I'm liking your hubby innovative handyman and a gardener! We'd make great neighbors. As far as roof don't want suggestions from little ol' color-blind me. ;-)
The slide idea is just too good for words.

~Michelle~ said...

Your Hubby sounds like a wonderful man with a wonderful Wifey! :)

spider said...

Your Peter is THE gem of gems. And you, dear non-nagging Lucy, are one smart lady.

I gotta admit, a red roof would be my vote with a brick house. That said, what color choices are available these days?

daisies said...

how wonderfully handy :) and mmmmm i do love a shiny floor :)