Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Did U ever?

I was talking to a friend the other day and I brought up the following story which I hadn't thought about in a long time.When I was dating my husband he was SO infatuated with an OLD car my step father owned and mostly kept in the garage. It was a 1950's or 60's something or other with very low mileage and in mint condition. (I should probably know the details to help my story, this pic from google looks a bit like it) Anyway, throughout the years together dating and then married, My husband would often exchange fun banter with him like.. Please if you EVER think of selling 'her' PLEASE please ask me first. I would LOVe to own that Car. He was so complimentary too about HOW wonderful it was that Bob took such good care of it for so many years.. But of course old stepdad declared he would never sell it. After we had our 2nd son, my husband decided (against my protests) to buy a motorcycle. My mom and her (cranky) husband Also thought this was a foolish purchase and told him so. He didn't keep it too long because he too decided he didn't want to risk his safety with such small kids needing him.
Shortly after he sold it we had been at my moms visiting when Her husband told us that he SOLD the mint car! My husband looked at him in shock and said "Bob, why didn't you ask me, you knew how badly I wanted to buy that car."Bob responded coldly with... "well, You bought that motorcycle Pete, you didn't need the car too! So I sold it to my friend Leroy." ( Later we found out Leroy was a new guy at Bobs job that practically Stole the car from him, he sold it so cheap!)
My husband was not only baffled by this but also so so hurt. What was that?? Was it ignorance? Did he think it was his job to punish him for making a bad decision with the motorcycle? Was it spite? He actually said it spitefully like a bratty child would. Bob passed away many years ago and I've often thought if Mr. Petals still had that car, it would have been one way to have a nice memory of bob.., also,Who knows, it may have helped to form a nice bond between them creating some extra happy memories too. Instead, This act of spite or hatred or whatever it was, along with many other bizarre behaviors by him, left us feeling flat and disheartened. Certain things are just baffling and they make you question... where is the love?
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Giggles said...

Oh that is so sad!!! What a nasty man. That's quite typical of that era isn't it?? Some very cold and judgemental.

So glad my car went to someone who will have no problem fixing it up. He will get the ame joy I did out of the car, plus I'll continue to see it on occasion... Funny how you can have such a strong relationship with an inanimate object!

Sometimes you do wonder....where's
the love!

Hugs Giggles
Sorry I tried several times to post comments on the last few posts to no avail.I will try again now!!!

Forgetfulone said...

oh, no! That's a sad story.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

its funny how are cars become like old friends.

Bone said...

Sounds extremely childish, and just sad.

When I was little, my Dad had this gorgeous older baby blue Chevy pickup truck that he just loved. He would take pictures of that truck!

At some point, my uncle came on some hard times and needed a vehicle and Dad ended up selling the truck to him for nothing close to what it was worth. Then I think my uncle resold it within a year.

Skittles said...

Awwwww.. what a meanie!