Sunday, February 10, 2013

Illuminate...literally all began with that biatch..sandy. aka... superstorm sandy.

We were very lucky Ny'ers.. we only lost power for one week. With the horrors others were going through we didn't want to gripe about having no power/ heat/ hot water.. instead we tried to focus on  what we were grateful for AND what was useful... talking often about (to whoever would listen) these 6 little LED tap lights that we had picked up at costco back in the summer...JUST in CASE we ever lost power.  they even had a remote... coming home late at just hit the remote and five of these lil discs would brighten up our kitchen and den brightly enough to make it to the bathroom where the other one was.
Well, I found them smart and helpful but my (crazy) husband got crazy with them! They had double sided tape so he taped one up on the underside of my beautifully faux painted ceiling fan blade, claiming the light was better illuminating DOWN on our scrabble board. (it was) He also taped one under the soffit above the kitchen sink,
 (allowing me to see the dirty dishes past 3 pm) but ....6 little lights were NOT enough.. he NEEDED more! He's always been one to OVER-do a good thing... He is always teased about how he likes making things better until they're worse.... for example-his garlic mashed potatoes... they are amazingly delicious... so what does he do? he tries to Out do them each time, till we want to puke from TOO much butter and garlic.
back to my illuminated home...
He goes back to costco... they of course are sold out of anything related to a power outage, except cheese... ever notice how much cheese is on their shelves? they'll never run out. (related how?)

So Mr. Petals keeps on checking weekly... well right before christmas he hits the LED jackpot. Not only do they have the 6 little round tap lights... they now have something BETTER! STrIpS of led lights that can be MOunTED with screws! (yes the tape ruined our paint)   and wait for this................  they have MOTION CONTROL TOO!  
He says he wants to get ready if we lose power again... I thought.. He is getting ready for the Nut house!

Now we have these rectangular strip lights on motion control mounted to the kitchen cabinets, molding, bathrooms and even in the boiler room above the panel box. (the electrician thought this a genius idea!) We don't turn on light switches at night anymore.. like royalty... everywhere we walk is just illuminated!!  (please read that last line with your best english accent)
 I got a bit on the crazy train and asked for them to be mounted in some of the darker clothes closets. which you must admit is a smart idea too! (can u 'catch' crazy like the flu??)  because...It all began to seem normal and quite smart to me...

 But then... My son came home from college for the holidays. After a few days being home, He pulled me aside one morning and with a look of concern  he asked ... "mom?, what is UP with ALL of  these stupid lights going on everywhere I Go?? I can't even walk around the house at night, thinking I will wake u guys up!  Have you and dad gone crazy?"
hmmm.... he made me wonder again!  I replied warmly... we may be Joey...but at least it's a nice BRIGHT shade of crazy!!   Do u want one in YOUR room?   ;)

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George S Batty said...

what a delightful story..still smiling

Giggles said...

Good Idea but won't they burn out if you keep using them everyday?

Hugs Giggles x0x0x

Lucy said...

Thx gsb!

Sher! ... They run on batteries and once u put a light on they go batteries last long time! I will stock up on aaa batteries... Because u KNOW they'll go out as soon as blackout happens!! Hugs!

Lucy said...
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Granny Smith said...

Lucy, you are a deLIGHT! (pun intended)

Old Egg said...

I laughed myself silly reading this. No, that's not true I was silly before I started. Great to visit.

Lucy said...

Aww thx granny thx degg!! So happy you stopped by
Hope you're both doing well.

keiths ramblings said...

'..everywhere we walk is just illuminated!!' I just said that with my best English accent and it sounded the same as usual! Can't think why! Your article lit up my day.