Monday, February 11, 2013

Laughter is the best medicine

 I have been off from work and healing from trigger finger surgery.  yesterday I sent my husband to the grocery store to buy something he could cook for dinner. I had a small list which included my (recent) favorite candy.. peanut chews. After a while, he calls me from the candy aisle... he can't find them. While I am describing the packaging so he can better locate them, he said "Oh, it wasn't on the list but I also picked up bagged lettuce so I can make us a salad."  I said... we don't need it, we have plenty of lettuce home.

When he walked in the front door ...not only had he picked up the meat, the oranges, the garbage bags, tissues and the desired peanut chews... he had Two bags of chips, MORE bags of candy (which he claims he picked up thinking he wouldn't find the chews and then didn't want to put them back, because he knows I love twizzlers and raisinets too!) THREE huge bags of peanut chews AND TWO bags of pepperidge farm milano cookies!!    I know this is his way of taking "good care" of me
  (and HIM) while I mend. So I just smiled and said "ARE u kidding me??  you are too funny, I'm going to gain 100 lbs these two weeks!"

  As we were eating dinner... he said... you know, I feel a little bad now, I  didn't feel like going all the way back to the produce aisle so I just put that lettuce back on a random shelf.
 I literally started choking on my vinegary salad.... due to hysterical laugher... I finally was able to speak  to share what went immediately through my mind.  I said...please tell wasn't the candy shelf was it?? haha...
 If anyone was watching you they would see you putting ALL that candy in the cart on top of  the chips and cookies and then you go.. NAH... i don't need no stinkin lettuce!  And you put it on the candy shelf!!   I could just see it so vividly  and he could too and we both just couldn't stop laughing for so so long.
 I just know that  somewhere there is someone writing a blog post about the chubby guy in the candy asile at stop and shop, who had second thoughts about adding lettuce to his cart.


Giggles said... funny!! I am paranoid of just that thing!! My daughter is our sabotage magnet. She buys all the candy and goodies, and says, "but it was on sale." Of course she never eats much of guess got it!! However we spend at least 22 or more dollars a week on produce!! Trying to make salad our main meal and everything else secondary... I am talking salad with the beans, avocado, feta cheese, sunflower seeds, strawberries....and veggies galore!! so yummy!!
Now you're going to want that lettuce aren't you? lol

Hugs Giggles

keiths ramblings said...

Lettuce! Never seen the point of them myself. Candy wins every time!

Lucy said...

haha you both made me laugh! YES sherrie... and I actually ordered a huge salad for dinner with pears/pecans and endive... (cheesecake factory) it was delish! hugs friends xox

Bone said...

I've done that before!

His trip sounds a lot like mine. I'll go shopping for a pork roast, carrots, and potatoes, and come home with chips and dip, chocolate milk, cereal, a magazine, and doughnuts.

Hope you are feeling better and healing up nicely.

Lucy said...

Haha mmm pork roast! I have a great recipe to send u bone! It's so sweet you will at least put back the donuts! I went back to work today, all healed! Thx! :)