Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Bettys secret

Did you ever have something strike you so funny, so hysterical, yet you were the only one laughing? Last week as I made my normal rounds to buy beauty supplies I was struck with such a fit of laughter. While browsing in my usual store, with my usual saleslady, A HUGE new sign stopped me in my tracks. It read: NOW YOU CAN COLOR YOUR HAIR DOWN THERE! INTRODUCING HAIR COLOR FOR YOUR BETTY! Well, I was so astounded( and a bit horrified.) I just started laughing and saying things like "oh my god, People on the street can see this sign" "Betty? Who is Betty?
Should I be calling her Betty?"
"What about men? Is theirs a Barney?" "Who is interested in this? Don't they know our country is at war?" "Now we need more maintenance? Our roots on our heads AND on our-Betty's?" I was seriously cracking myself up! My usual girl was smiling( no hysterics), however her temporary Christmas helper was looking at me with a frightened look. She apparently didn't see the humor. (She must be sporting a hot pink, heart shaped Betty) Yes,This Betty coloring kit even comes with stencils! Of course, my laughter didn't stop at the store. I, of course shared the good news with many of my female clients. Thank god I am NOT crazy, because their laughter made mine seem sedate. The women were crying with laughter. (Several, pretended to be outraged, but I predict they will be calling for a private Betty session!) Geez, I don't think i am set up for this task! I feel like that Seinfeld episode, where Jerry says" now I will have to hang beads, and dress differently" Well, he says something like that.( the episode is about the menage a trois)
Don't get me wrong, I do think Betty should be taken care of! Besides her daily scrubbings, She of course needs a trim, even conditioning treatments. If occasionally she needs a little excitement with a dramatic color change- Shouldn't that NOT be left in the hands of a stranger? Some things are just best done by yourself! Or here's a good suggestion- get your lover involved in the transformation. Please leave me out of this little boost in your love life. When i went to beauty school ( many years ago). WE just didn't have to past the state board betty test!
I think this should be on sale at K-mart or Cvs along with the do it yourself hair-coloring kits. Not in the beauty supply stores. Please tell me, you agree with me. Is the world getting a little wacko? WHO out there, is planning on calling their hairstylist for a New, New years Betty?


deirdre said...

OMG, this is too funny. And really weird. I agree, best left as a do-it-yourself project.

spider said...

You gotta be kidding, Lucy? Your post made me laugh so loud I scared the cats off the bed.

I don't even like getting a pap smear, for goodness sakes, let alone a color job down "THERE" by someone else.

And what's this about "conditioning" ol' Betty? Really? Folks do this?

Geesh, as I grow older now I'm gonna have to consider a hair transplant the way things are going....maybe a perm, too!

I had no idea I'd be pondering such things as I innocently read your report on the Betty product! Thanks for keeping us in the know!! xoxo!!!

Speedy Chick said...

That is absolutly hilarious!! How in the heck do you call and make an appointment for that? Hee Hee

Rethabile said...


Why colour her anyway? Cracked me up.

Lyn said...

Sorry, but that's just gross!

Dean said...

i am pretty sure that its the christmas assistant that doesn't know what is going on. That is one of the most ridiculous things i have heard in a long time, and i hear my fair share of ridiculousness

Happy new year

Lucy said...

Thanks for you comments everyone!
glad you see the humor in the ridiculousness of it!
Happy New year All!

Jane said...

LOL, Lucy!! As if I don't have to work hard enough to color the gray on top of my head!!!