Friday, August 03, 2007

SHOES glorious shoes!

I haven't met a woman yet who doesn't LOVE shoes! For me, I would almost consider it a fetish. (Embarrassing, but I will admit- I seem to have this same obsession with Pocketbooks and jackets too.) A good looking shoe, purse and very cool jacket girls and who cares what else you are wearing. So you can imagine how excited ( happy excitement, not the pant- pant kind) I was to read Sherries post about my much beloved topic of SHOES! She posed the question.... What do my shoes say about me? So I would like to pose the same question to you! What do my ( summer) shoes say about me?
Let me tell you something about some of them- I bought the brown borns most recently for their comfort. Many years ago in a Manhattan shoe store, a salesmen watched me looking at all the cute, trendy shoes. I asked him if he could get me a pair in my size. He shook his head and said "You don't want to wear those, Let me get you a pair of shoes you are going to love". He disappeared up a flight of stairs. He came back with a black pair of Born Maryjanes. They were pretty ugly but in a cute sort of way. I tried them on and couldn't believe HOW much more comfortable they were than my usual choices. I bought them and have almost worn them out. I did however wonder.... Gee, Do I look old and tired and like I stand up all day? How was He SO sure I needed comfort so badly? Brilliant shoe man!
I stand on my feet all day and thought it would be smart to start to take care of my legs and feet. So, The brown born sandals are worn to work a lot. I love all of these shoes but I seem to most often slip into the most comfortable ones, the pink flip flops, for everyday running around.... The white with the peekaboo toes aren't too comfortable but I can suffer through a night out in them because... Well, Just look at how adorable they are. Aren't you getting chills?
The green with the daisy, I bought last year in 3 colors and use them often like a comfy pair of slippers.
As much as I love my winter shoes and am batty for boots... I have to say I love wearing open toe shoes the best. I love how free my feet feel, I love how quickly I can slip in and out of them. I love the whimsical styles and the bright colors.
Why do we women love shoes so much? I read in the book "in her shoes" that it's because no matter how much weight we gain our feet stay the same size. That is not true for me. I got married in a size 6 and now wear an 8! I am only 15 lbs heavier than my wedding day, so what is up with that? Is it from standing so much, these poor piggies just flattened out??
So my blogging buddies... If you are still with me at the end of this EXTRA WIDE shoe tale. I will ask you...What do my shoes say about me and my chubby little toes?? Hmmmm??


giggles said...

Your shoes say to me that you are fun, sexy, funky, and colorful in spirit. There is a practical side that is safe, smart, and comfortable. They tell me you are upbeat, in the know, stylish and sometimes frivolous! You care about your appearance, like cleanliness, and you’re pretty flexible! Although you love pretty shoes, you prefer them to be comfortable too! How is that for shoe reading!

I hate hot feet, our shoes are similar except mine aren’t as colorful but they always were in the past, I also don’t wear straps around my ankles. I just don’t like to draw too much attention to my feet anymore! I can not tell you how many pairs I have had like those ones, and I have always loved thongs (flip flops), and bare feet. You will only see me wearing socks once in a blue moon when it snows. Otherwise it is bare feet all the way! Oh and I like the title. I didn’t use that one on my blog….good choice…hahaha!!!

Love and hugs your bud!

Jennifer said...

Feel like I walked in someone else's shoes...LOL
I have to admit, my shoe fetish has diminished over the years and I'm happy wearing $3 cheap canvas. I don't have to bend over to put them on...LOL

Tammy said...

These are adorable and scream "fun." The pink bows are my favorites and a nice pedicure is a must for these beauties!


myrtle beached whale said...

you are a riot.

spider said...

If your little toes are chubby, then my feet are humongously-wide pontoon boats. I think your cheery shoes show your delightful personality to the max...from the practical brown ones to the flirty white little numbers, with the flowered flip-flops in-between!

Me? I'm a Birkenstock gal and have been so for most of my married life. Before that, I stuffed these poor feet into pointy, stiletto-heeled Bandolinos. 'course I was a gal who loved to dance and wear dresses/skirts with slits...t'was the fashion and the times...not to mention my age factor back then!