Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Twas the day after Christmas

It's the day after Christmas and all through my rooms
I need a vacuum a mop, soapy sponges and brooms.
The washer is filled with tablecloths of sauces and such
because we ate like fat bastards foods tasty and too much
The eve had my home filled with family, laughs and fun
We relaxed in the hot tub when they left after one
With Papa in his apron and me in mine too
He cranked up his fry pot, I made a fondu
I served various fishes and Italian dishes
My sons eggplant parmigiano- DELICIOUS!
Fried Shrimp, baked clams, Calamari, OH MY
Creme puffs and cookies and warm apple pie
Realized I forgot to serve the garlic knots I baked
Probably spared my guests a Christmas belly ache

Christmas day was peaceful and quiet- like heaven
Still had Our fry-daddy Crankin', 'Fry fest '07'!
We opened gifts with our pets and 3 boys
listened to music, ATE, played games we enjoy
watched a movie, ATE, called friends far away
Swore to give up eating all together after today

The kids stayed up late and are still nestled in their messy beds
The dogs are conked out like they've been given doggy meds
The husband has gone back to work, he needs to make a buck
so we can attempt to pay Am Ex Christmas charges, wish us Luck!
I in my red jammies, just can't get my ass up
I need more coffee... just one more cup
Then I will plug in the Orek vacuum, get it rumbling
Wake my kids for their help, Yes, they'll be grumbling
Of course I'm not complaining about all we ate, bought and messed
Because my heart knows my family and our lives are truly blessed
What I would like to exclaim before I get out of sight
Is I wish everyone in our world could be blessed like this each night

Here's some pictures I would like to share-

Molly doesn't understand what she should do with her new toy

Cosmo however KNOWS what to do with a stuffed squirrel!

My buddy Ann made me these beautiful handknitted socks! I am loving them!

I feel so blessed to have met my friend Jenny through blogging. She sent me these beautiful handmade coasters! They will be used year round!

My Ballie and Tri-colored Cookies have been my breakfast for the last 3 days!

In this big box is a large set of much needed corning ware from my in-laws, who had brought over chinese food a few weeks ago BUT couldn't find any bowls in my kitchen to serve it in! Good thinking Mom and Dad!


Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Love the pics Lucy & your poem was very fun and witty! Happy day-after Christmas to you. Peace & love, JP/deb

Gill said...

Very clever poem :-) Sounds like you had a really good time!

giggles said...

Lucy your poem is a hoot!! Loved it! I may attempt a similar was so fun! You look so darn young in the a young girl at Christmas! Love all the much fun!

Happy New year too!
Hugs Sherrie

UL said...

That was a beauty of Xmas gathering Lucy, I celebrated it with you...hope all the cleaning is done and you will be putting up your feet soon...lots of love and wishes for New Year '08 ;)

Just Jen said...

The poem was fantastic! I can relate! hehe
You looked like you all had a great Christmas!
We got our cat treats in her own little stocking and I spent most of Christmas Eve trying to get her to stop trying to open them...hehe
Happy New Year!

daisies said...

so happy to hear you had such a fabulous christmas :) those socks and coasters are absolutely fantastic!!

love and kisses ... xox

ann said...

love you Luanne!

Tammy said...

What a blast you had and your words made the holiday complete. Happy New Year! XXOO

Sherry said...

I love this poem!!!!!

spider said...

Dearest Lucy, You're poem captured Christmas feelings and warmth in a most wonderful way. Am glad you like those Vermont slate coasters...slate is a big thing here in VT! I LOVED my bracelet and will have Chris take a pic next time I wear it. I did wear it to one of his holiday gigs, but alas, we were rushing, and no pics. The beaded scallop falls ever so daintily on my hand. Thank you!!
And can I just add that I'm so very grateful on this New Year's Eve for having met YOU!