Thursday, March 04, 2010

breakfast in america

If you're like me one of the things you love about your favorite lunch or dinner haunts, is that Fattening, delicious basket of bread they put on the table when you arrive! My favorite Italian place not only puts ROLLS on the table (and around my waist) But UNBELIEVABLY delicious Focaccia bread with Pizza sauce on it! I swear, I could make THAT my meal. After a few chunks of this warm cheesy,saucy, yummy bread... who needs to order?! (but I always do!)
The other Morning Mr. Petals needed to fast and go get some routine blood drawn, I offered to go with him for support. He asked "How about some pancakes at the diner afterward?" MMMMM I love breakfast out! but we rarely get the opportunity to enjoy that. So we both skipped breakfast at home, although, unlike him, thankfully, I DID get in 3 cups of coffee. By the time we got done at the lab.. I Was STARVING with visions of fluffy pancakes dancing in my head, It Dawned on me! WHY don't we get a yummy basket on the table at breakfast time too?? Wouldn't it be nice, if you sat down at the diner and while you were waiting for that griddle to do it's thing.. They had a nice basket of mini muffins or whole wheat toast at the table? ooooh... OR..what about a basket of Hash browns!! Mr. Petals liked the idea of a platter of bacon!
(how hungry is this post making u?) I ordered angel food pancakes with fresh strawberries on them and they were scrumptious and I WAS Extremely full afterwards even with out the muffin basket but I still LoVE that idea! what do u think? what would be in your ideal complimentary breakfast basket?


Giggles said...

Yes it's a yummy however for a fat person, this post makes me scared and full!! A plate of bacon? So bad....I have a great recipe for bacon cookies that are to die for but I'm afraid to make them. So I would say a basket of my favorites would be cinnamon buns..... oh I have never had angel food pancakes, although one of my favorites is waffles with strawberries and whipped cream, angel food cake with strawberries and whip cream is my favorite birthday cake.... even over chocolate.....okay going to have dinner now, salad wraps with skinless chicken.

Nothing better than hot bread before a meal.....I split meals with friends now...if we're still hungry we share a dessert.

Hope you enjoyed
Hugs Giggles OOOXXX

Penny said...

Lol that's a great idea - however, I think it would make me eat even more junk than I do already!!! Too much temptation.

Jane said...

Hi Lucy! I haven't been around in ages but I love coming back and seeing all the pretty changes to your awesome blog! I love bread so much. I like to slice up a nice baguette and and have a bowl of olive oil near by to dip it in. Yes, I think a basket of muffins should be standard table fare :)) Happy Saturday!

Forgetfulone said...

Oh, this post defnitely made me hungry! I'm needing a trip to IHOP now, or Denny's, or my favorite Italian place for some garlic bread or rolls. Yum! I swear I am gaining weight just thinking about it.