Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Educating it forward

..for my friend Tammy.
this is the exact poignant message she posted on her blog.. I am educating it forward, hope you will too.

The dragon
lying in wait
would not go down
easily in the dark
but he was struck first
and weakened
surprised at the
fierceness of their hearts
as he was slain
in the darkness
of his lair. Later
gutted and skinned
his flesh cut into pieces
and shared. Now the fire
is in us: we are the dragon, the dragon's
strength is ours; we will live, free of dependence.
No more pain,and falls and wheelchairs for
we are made whole in our feast.

15 cases of ALS are diagnosed a day and most live 2-4 years. No time to fight and voices too weak to be heard. Do you know ALS? Educate it forward to be their voices.


Giggles said...

Excellent take on this Lucy. I have know about this disease for years. I am so impressed how you handled this prompt with such finesse....so well done!!!

Tammy should be proud....

Hugs Sherrie

Lucy said...

The credit goes entirely to Tammy giggles.
This is copied right from her blog
I should have written that and will go back later and edit

JP/deb said...

I just Facebooked about this today ... Tammy is amazing!

Tammy Brierly said...

Thank you Lucy and no you never told me about your stepdad. Love you Polly!

aspiemom said...

Tammy, I love this poem. It is filled with strength and determination and courage.

Lucy, you are so generous to post this. Well done, both of you.