Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Did U ever?

If you've had enough of hearing about my weird dreams throughout the years.. mouse click yourself Out of here! this one is the weirdest one YET!

COYOTES! TALKING COYOTES! CUNNING ARTICULATE TALKING COYOTES! They come into my yard and I am always doing tons of yard work (which shows you just HOW unrealistic Dreams are, even more so than FReaking Talking coyotes!) So, at first one approaches as if he's a friendly helpful neighbor and he offers to finish up my sweeping or raking or mowing, Or whatever I'm busy with. My dream is SO real, I feel myself sweating from this hard work AND I can smell the soil! (but oddly, Not the coyotes bad breath) So anyway, back to the coyotes... After a few minutes of helping.. all of a sudden!...His FANGS come out (maybe I'm watching too much of the true blood show?) and the Coyotes (now all of a sudden there are MANY) Are chasing me to EAT ME UP! It's so scary! and I wake up in a sweat! (checking for calluses on my hands of course and making sure my nails aren't dirty!)

Like all my crazy dreams.. I need to analyze this one... This is what I think... I recently called to make vet appointments for my pets and when I was asking what they were due for...KITTY the receptionist (YES I know! what a perfect name!) said they were due for their Leptospirosis shot.. which is important because if WILD animals like raccoons (my brain? registered Coyotes!) come in the yard (hence...yard Work) and urinate and my dogs step in it and lick their paws.. they can get sick! (sick= eaten up)
I watched fantastic mr. fox about a two montha ago and the coyote DID speak a bit like My beloved George Clooney AND he appeared partially animated.. so there is that too..
What do u think of all this??


Giggles said...

Look up chase dreams. If I read your dream, I'd say there is someone in your life who is cunning, on the surface they act as though they want to help you but in fact they have a hidden agenda.It's just to get closer to you so they can do something a bit nefarious....in other words they are not being straight with you....They are conning you! Who is it? I know you know....now email me and tell me who it is....they could be either male or female.. What is your intuition telling you? Let us know if these dreams continue.... Dreams can be very telling....what is chasing you....something you fear?

Hope that gives you a bit of insight!

Hugs Giggles

Bone said...

Lucy, you are hilarious. Your yard work being more unrealistic than coyotes comment cracked me up.

My dream last night was pretty lame compared to yours. I dreamt I went to London. There were two National Guard jets escorting our plane across the ocean, and the flight took about fifteen minutes.