Thursday, July 15, 2010

My frog sleeps with the fishes :(

It began about 8 weeks ago... every evening while mr. petals and I were soaking in the hot tub, we noticed a cute little frog sitting on our patio. He seemed so content and he seemed to be watching us. Our dogs would not move a muscle... they just stood at attention watching the frog watching us. I wasn't positive it was his home, but the frog always seemed to be standing near a very wide crack in our patios cement. I imagined he lived in there. Mr. Petals said it did seem likely, and once we did see him jump in there.

On fathers day, Mr. Petals had big plans! I bought him a fountain for his beautiful flower garden that he's been creating. He and our sons were out there all day, digging a trench to lay the wiring for the fountain, cementing the box for electric, laying down new mulch and erecting the new fountain! Everything went smoothly! it came out BEAUTIFUL! (see photo below!!) That night while we soaked his aching muscles in our hot tub, I looked over the edge to the broken spot in our patio, where I knew my little frog friend would be spying on us.
What I saw made me Scream and startle Mr. Petals muscles into knots again!! The crack was cemented shut! SEALED UP! and sadly there was NO Frog in sight! ANYWHERE!! "WHAT DID U DO??" YOU KILLED OUR FROG!!?? Defensively, Mr. Petals said.." I did not! He wasn't in there when I fixed that!" To which I replied.. 'OH really?? HOW do u know that??!! Did You try to move something in there to see if he was there?? Did u even THINK about that frog when you sealed up his home??!!" I was so upset! He kept saying.. "OH come on! He wasn't in there!" and I said... "Look around?? THEN WHERE IS HE??? You gave him cement shoes!"

That poor little frog!! Maybe I am overly sensitive, but my heart is breaking for that little creature!!
Please don't think 'Don' Petals is a monster... In his defense... The heat was RIDICULOUSLY intense that day and that big crack was dangerously close to a set of steps which was hazardous, so in his busy, exhausting day.. he took advantage of the extra cement he had mixed and tried to hit all the spots that needed fixing that he saw. I so wish He would have thought to wiggle a stick in that crack first, tragically he didn't. But now.. for the rest of his years, he will have to deal with me and my comments... referring to him as a mobster who killed an innocent frog.
(as he looks out the window)- " Looking for another frog to bump off?"
(as he soaks in the hot tub)- " You know, I heard he had a wife and 10 tiny toads to feed"
(just for the hell of it) "any other amphibian vendetta's I should know about?"
(when we step over that cemented crack)- "I saw some butterflies today.. you wanna maybe put the muscle on 'em? or just rub em out?"

It's going to take me a little time before I lay low and let it go! In the meanwhile, I think of this beautiful planting as a memorial to Enrique (that's what I was going to name him) :((


Giggles said...

I hate to admit I too would be relentlessly contemptible with my humour too Lucy.... I am not one to let sleeping dogs lie. I'd be all over the frog relocator ....did he make frogs legs for dinner too!! Did he inform Enrique’s cousin Kermy....(Kermit)and hell, wait til Miss Piggy hears about this. She'd have his hide!! I hope you hear some ribiting soon.... Maybe he'll find your new fountain to bathe in.... I know I'm in denial....but hey...that's how I roll!!!

Hugs Giggles

Skittles said...

You crack me up. Poor little Enrique. At least he has a memorial. :)

Jeannine Bakriges said...

Dearest Lucy,
Maybe Enrique simply went on vacation and forgot to send a postcard. Or found a new, roomier crack. Or moved in with his girlfriend, Elise. Or...
Love you,

Bone said...

You gave him cement shoes!

(as he looks out the window)- " Looking for another frog to bump off?"

Oh, those cracked me up. lol

I, too, hope you hear some ribbiting soon.

Forgetfulone said...

You crack me up! That's one of the many reasons I have an award for you on my blog!