Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The (Mostly) Good, The Bad and the beautiful

Yesterday was all of the above. The First Really good thing was I found out my MRI results were good! Yea! The 2ND Good thing was It was Holy Tuesday ( that's what I've named my day off although my other day off I call happy Thursday) and the weather was beautiful which allowed me to plant some beautiful flowers. The next good thing was my meatloaf dinner came out delicious ( don't know what it is about meatloaf, it's either a hit or miss and lately it's been a hit)
Now for the bad... While transferring that great meatloaf from the pan to the platter, it fell onto the platter & broke into pieces, splattering sauce onto my boob and burning me. 2ND Bad- The cleanup! Meatloaf and red sauce and peas were Everywhere. (Those suckers can really roll.) We ate it and enjoyed it even though it wasn't a loaf anymore. so that was good. A bad was when I was planting I somehow twisted my knee and it is so sore the rest of the flowers will have to wait.
Another bad was while food shopping, I forgot my list which lately means I forgot most of the food. I walked around aimlessly and bought a lot of stuff I still had at home, BUT, my son had No yogurt for breakfast. No eggs.Oh Well, We have a lot of Noodle soup!
Happy Thursday is tomorrow already and if I remember a list maybe It will be a mostly good day too.


Ally Bean said...

I forgot my list

Is there life without a list? Not for me!

It sounds like you had "messloaf" instead of "meatloaf"! ;-)

giggles said...

Lucy I’m sad to say I lurked your blog the other day without leaving you a message. I was too exhausted to even type. I certainly hope your knee is feeling better. This is the latest I have ever been putting in flowers. I have nothing even ready to go yet. My sore hip stops me in my tracks. Maybe Sunday if I feel well, I will take a gander. Wonderful news about your MRI, I’m thrilled that you’re okay. I have been too busy to visit many blogs. Next week I may have a few moments here and there. I love meatloaf, glad you recouped it! Forgetting the grocery list then wandering aimlessly, classic mental pause moment, pay it no mind. What’s wrong with noodle soup? Haha Always funny your blog! I know I owe you some emails. Bear with me. For now every moment counts, and sleep is calling!

Hugs dear friend
Be well

Ps Flowers look lovely...hope you'll take pictures in progression!

spider said...

Hi Lucy,
Fantastic news about the MRI!!!
Hope that knee heals quickly!!
Your home looks a place of beauty!
Noodle soup is one of my favorite foods...not a bad choice to have alot could have come home with a cartful of prunes or sardines or....

rubyslippers said...

yay for good results! that's really good news. And sorry about your meatloaf, but at least you got to eat it!