Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mothers Day Smiles

I had a very nice Mothers Day. My husbands parents came over for dinner. My husband, His Dad and my boys put up this new gazebo in our backyard. They put one up last year too, but during a winter ice storm, we lost it. While they were busy working, my mother in law and I had some nice quality time in the sunny outdoors which included a beautiful heart to heart conversation.

I received this cute bear with a beautiful card from my youngest son.The saying really melted me. He is so sweet. My middle son gave me this Very large Adorable card. This is SO him, since he is my funny one. It had me laughing when I saw the size of the envelope! He also wrote a beautiful saying. I am so lucky that all of my boys are very expressive with their love. My oldest son called me and we had a beautiful conversation. I really miss him, and was happy to hear he is visiting next week. He is currently cooking at a Vietnamese restaurant. After 3 days they promoted him to head cook. He has always been very creative in the kitchen and they apparently saw his potential. The first day they had expected him to know and understand 3 out of 11 dishes. He learned all 11. Even though his bachelors degree is in English, I am so happy that he is at a job that is making him so happy. He is now thinking about culinary school. Wouldn't that be wonderful? Whatever he chooses, Whatever path any of my sons happen to take... I always hope most importantly that they are happy.


giggles said...

That’s so sweet to see how loving your boys are. They will make terrific partners one day!!! They obviously adore their mummy! I think it’s magnificent that your son is following his bliss. I always promote that in my home. I want them to do what they love. Life is way too short not to follow your passion! Maybe he’ll write a recipe book incorporating all his skills. Ultimately all we want is for our children to be happy!! Love your gazebo! Will be so enjoyable in the summer! Glad you had a marvelous Mothers day. After all you deserve the best!

Hugs Sherrie

Jane said...

I'm glad you had such a wonderful Mother's Day, Lucy! I love the Gazebo....I should have used that as a G word today!!!

Ally Bean said...

"I always hope most importantly that they are happy."

Such a good point of view you have.

spider said...

You're a lucky woman, Lucy, deserving of the 4 wonderful men who obviously love you dearly.

Wondering what the name of the Vietnamese restaurant that your oldest cooks at is? What's your fave dish that he makes? I think it's fantastic that you're supportive of all your guys do!