Thursday, May 10, 2007


I was tagged by my cool, canadian, comrade Giggles to share seven things about myself. They can be anything from a favorite quote or book to opinions about life or anything about ourselves!
Wow Giggles this is a challenge as my thinking cap has been a bit foggy lately. Okay I will make that #1....
#1. My memory has been frightfully bad lately
#2. I get nervous crossing bridges
#3. I have never learned how to play an instrument ( and wish i could)
#4. I can however pick up many things with my toes
#5. When I was 14, I moved in with a friend and her family and lived there till 17
#6. I dont like confrontations.........HOWEVER
#7. Lately, if someone gives me an attitude, I have been biting their heads off
( story to follow)

While visiting my mom in Fl., she asked me to do her hair. The haircut her usual hairstylist had her in was unbelievably horrible. It looked like an old mans sweep over, plus,it was over permed, over colored, over teased and Very uneven. I gave her a nice, short but age appropriate look and took off many inches of damage. My mom said her hairdresser/friend ( who she has been going to for 20 years) wanted to meet me.
My mom sometimes has no filter. So I repeatedly said to her, "Mom, Don't insult Barbara, Don't tell her how awful I thought your haircut was. Don't tell her I said it looked like an old mans sweep over. Don't tell her how bad the damage was, I don't want to hurt her feelings".
As we got out of the car in front of the salon, I repeated the above advice.
We walk into this real beauty parlor. Little old gray ladies everywhere with the same bad hairstyles. Cut as long on top as their sides, If they were electrocuted it would look like their faces were inside gray boxes.
My mom very sweetly and proudly says "Barbara, I want you to meet my daughter".
This 70ish horrible woman with 10 inches of thick face makeup,too much eye shadow, a HUGE updo of overly bleached curls like a 50's prom date, tight leather pants like a biker bar maid, turns around and YELLS at my mom ( with finger pointing in her face) " I TOLD YOU NOT TO GET A SHORT HAIRCUT, YOUR FACE IS TOO FAT FOR THAT".

WELL, REFERRING BACK TO # 7, I reply in a (quite) raised, angry voice.. Her face is too fat? She looks a hell of a lot better than that Old mans SWEEP over YOU had her in. That haircut was a nightmare, this was down to here, the back was all shaved, It's over colored and permed. Are you for real?" She looks great! Mom, let's get out of here" blowers stopped, curlers and old lady jaws dropped. I'm sure they must have thought "wo, her NY daughter is a bitch" I later told my mom, Barbara is lucky I didn't have a machete, Her head would have come off! ( haha, NO I DON'T OWN ONE AND HAVE NEVER USED ONE, DO YOU THINK IT MAY BE THE MENOPAUSE TALKING?) Really though, How dare she be so rude to my mom and to my work? What did she expect me to say.... ( like a little mouse).... ooooh yeah? you think it's too short, oooh im sorry
Whether you like confrontation or not, Nobody should take shit like that from Anybody! Lately I go about it in a more "in your face" way. Years ago, I would have calmly and tactfully disagreed with someone like that. No scene, No harsh words necessary. This new me is a heart pounding, adrenaline pumping crazy girl. I like her and I'm proud of her and I hope when menopause is over she will still be here. If I was given a second chance to handle the same situation, I would respond the very same way!

(I'm suppose to tag 7 more, consider yourself tagged if you would like to do this)


Jane said...

Good morning Lucy! I loved this post and I agree that confrontations are not my thing either...BUT... allow me to tell you a funny little story. Just last weekend when I was driving to meet my friend Loretta for dinner, I was driving down a busy neighborhood street and came across some young teenagers skateboarding in the street. When one of them saw me coming, he literally sat down cross-legged in the middle of the road!! He was wrong to think that I would simply get annoyed and drive around him. He would not budge and my car was bearing down on him. Something inside of me snapped and I realized that nobody should take this crap from a kid. I put my brakes on, got out of the car and said to him, "Get the f**K out of the middle of the road you DUMBASS!!!. Do you realize that I could have run over you if I was distracted??! You'd be dead and I'd go to jail. Frankly you aren't worth it and I DO NOT look good in prison grey! Now get your ass out of the middle of the road and run along to your mommy!!". He was stunned and his friends were on the side of the road laughing at him. Still, I got my point across rather nicely.

~Michelle~ said...

This is awesome! I love that you spoke up, and very humorously, I might add. I could just picture the scene with the dryers stopping, curlers and jaws it!

spider said...

Hi Lucy,
We perimenopausal women are strong, invincible...because after all, we are WOMEN. Remember Helen Reddy singing, "I am woman, hear me roar.
In numbers too big to ignore...?"
She was a woman who knew what menopause, peri and otherwise, was all about!! You go, girlfriend.

Regina Clare Jane said...

You go, girl! No one is allowed to insult my mom and I applaud you for sticking up for yours! What a horrible thing for her to say to your mom! I am so glad that you didn't have to have a second chance for this occasion!

Misplaced said...

I'm with you 100% I used to hate confrontation- but it occurred to me that the rude people of the world rely on others being polite and demurely stepping down. To hell with that- especially if there is a customer giving the checkout person shit at the grocery- I relish giving it right back to them

Rob Kistner said...

Lucy -

You were appropriate and on point with what you did. Bravo!

Lucy said...

Wow, I can't tell you how relieved I am to hear your cheers. After re- reading this, I was afraid to post it, I thought- anyone who doesn't know me well, will think I've lost my mind!! To answer a few questions friends have asked me....
*Yes- My mom is still going to this woman
* My mom called her and told her how rude she was and how upset she made me
*Bar Maid apologized and asked if she could send me an apology note.
Which proves You guys are right- i AM woman, Bravo to me, Rude people beware!!

giggles said...

Yeah Don't F@#k with women in Menopause or with PMS. We should have bumper stickers. I think we just get tired of holding it all in, fed up with being doormats and people pleasers. I have to say you could hear me howling in my new computer chair at this post and Jane’s. I have always been one strong woman of opinion; I find I am more subdued now. But man I have my menopausal moments of Crazed annoyance. That woman was rude trash! The description was so perfect; I could just picture her type! Jerry Springer candidate! hahaha!!!

Still Laughing....
Love Giggles!

Anonymous said...

Anna Said,

Welcome to my world. Wait til you finish menopause, it doesn't get prettier.

Hope your Mom was proud of you.