Saturday, February 02, 2008

magic baby love

When I read the prompt magic, my children came immediately to mind. The magic of the love we instantly feel for our children is incredible. The magic of their miraculous birth, amazing. The magic of watching them grow, heartwarming. Today is my middle sons 21st birthday. He has been more magically delicious than I can ever try to describe! But with the help of my creative 'cyber soul mate' Giggles... I've tried to put that magic into words he can treasure.

Yesterday I cradled you, cuddly in my arms
Instant rapture, captivated, by angelic baby charms
Magic fragrant bundle of little baby coos
Soft baby skin, tiny baby fists, brilliant baby blues

Infant Joys, toddler joys, sweet small child on the run
Magnetism, humor- you know how to make life fun
Animated lively antics spark smiles wherever you go
Charismatic personality energetically aglow

Now you stand before me, a beautiful young man of 21
Pride overwhelms me, of the man you have become
Your future blank before you, choose wisely as you write
You deserve life’s best, may your aspirations shine bright

I hold you in my heart forever- my sweet baby, my amazing young man, my treasured son
I wish you a very happy 21st birthday; your magical life story has just begun.


Gemma Wiseman said...


There can never be enough celebration of our children, I feel!

And this is a touching tribute to yours!

A delightful read!

Smiles and Light

jadey said...

21 A magical number. Happy Birthday to your son. I really enjoyed reading your post.

tumblewords said...

Adorable people, amazing magic! Love the post!

giggles said...

Happy Birthday dear boy....a wonderful loving tribute. Such joyful picture, loved sharing in them! You are a beautiful woman Lucy lulu, inside and out! And an amazing mum!!

love and hugs
your friend Sherrie

Jeques said...

Touching piece. The love of a mother to her child is beyond compare as evident to this piece you weaved from your heart for your child. No growing up could ever change the way you would always see him - now that he is 21, still you would see him as the baby and the kid you adore. Thanks for sharing with us all these. Happy Birthday to your son.

I wish you well.

~ Jeques

Robin said...

I think I'm going to cry. That was beautiful.

Happy birthdat to your wonderful baby/man.

LittleWing said...

what a beautiful post... you have reflected all the emotions i have for my 19 yr old son so well... thank you..i wish your family all the best...

paisley said...

lucy,, every time i come here,, i am longing to be a part of a family just like yours... i know it is not in the cards for me,, but i can share these moments and dream huh.....

daisies said...

as a mother of an ever growing loving boy, this post got me all misty and teary .. beautiful .. xox

UL said...

oh Lucy, happy birthday to your's amazing how fast they grow isnt it..truly a beautiful piece.

spider said...

Oh my, your boys (all FOUR of them...must include Mr. Luluspetals) have the most beautiful eyes. Happy belated Birthday to the middle guy...hope it was a wonderful day for him. LOVE that pic of the two of you, Lucy. Your whole family are lookers, with YOU leading the pack!!

writers island said...

Hello Islander –

This is a note to tell you I’m genuinely happy to see you on the Island. I founded the Island originally as a temporary destination for those of us set adrift when Poetry Thursday sunk. But the Island has flourished… because of writers, like you, who come to enjoy the tropical breeze, and just write -- for the sheer pleasure of it! So, the beaches remain open, and all are most welcome!

Poetry Thursday is now ReadWritePoem. Check them out if you haven’t. The crew at Totally Optional Prompts is doing a fine job. Both are excellent writing destinations.

I am slowed a bit with back pain. This has hampered my time at my computer -- so, I have not been able to read many of the posts. I will catch up when I’m steadier at the helm. I am dictating this to my wife, who will kindly post it for me. Kathy is a dear!

See you on the island. I have a prompt for this Friday I think should spark some fun and interesting writing.

May your muse be kind…