Saturday, March 01, 2008


One enjoyable part of my job is I get to grow close to many wonderful people. One agonizing part of my job is I get to grow close to many wonderful people.
Today was one of those agonizing times. A long time wonderful client stoically told me she has cancer, again. After 7 years it's return didn't seem to shock her it just subdued her usually buoyant spirit. She tried to comfort me,saying that she would be okay. She tried to be positive and courageous. Her awful news just breaks my heart. Life is too short already. I am so tired of seeing people I care about shot down in their prime. I know that even extremely health conscious people are still unfairly burdened with awful illnesses in this unpredictable craps shoot called Life. This news today however, has made me want to take a healthier stand. I refuse to just passively sit on the pass line. I want to fight the best fight by taking better control of my health. I have yo-yoed back and forth with exercise my whole life. I start a vitamin regimen for a month then toss the nearly full bottles in the trash a year later. I reached my goal weight last year, only to put back 10 lbs this year. Facing 50 next year is suddenly terrifying. I want to have the odds on my side. I've always been a pretty healthy person, but I think I've taken that good health for granted. Every day that we rise and put our feet on the ground, we need to be thankful that we have our health and another day to be with the people we cherish. I need to feel the empowerment of taking control of my body. I remember feeling that way, during those times when I was on a good roll.
Good health empowers us to lead longer, happier lives. That's the kind of life I am shooting for.

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tumblewords said...

Oh, I'm wishing you great luck and success on this journey! Life is just that - a craps shoot, it seems. And pretty much without justice. Takes an empowered person to keep putting one foot in front of the other... Nicely written post!!

myrtle beached whale said...

It sounds like your friend is a fighter having beat cancer once. No reason she can't again. Early detection is the key. I hope you get frequent check-ups. I want to be able to read your writing for years to come. I am glad that her situation was a wake-up call to you. Wow, 50 coming up. It is a good thing you work in a beauty shop as you probably get a discount on spackle, putty, and bondo.

giggles said...

Cancer is always so sad. But if it's an awakening to you, that's a positive. Sometimes it doesn't matter how well you take care of just happens. Wishing you many positive thoughts! Just live happy while you can!

Hugs Sherrie

Just Jen said...

A friend of mine went for testing on friday and she founds out tomorrow what her results her. I'm hoping against hope, it's not cancer. It's so difficult isn't it? We are at an age where we see how immortal we are. Gone are the days of doing everything we want and not worrying about it cuz we are young and healthy and invincible!

keith hillman said...

When I put my feet on the floor tomorrow morning I'll think of your words. I probably won't do anything different, but I WILL think about it!

totomai said...

i get easily attached to the people i meet and its never easy to know their "concerns".

but it looks like your friend inspired you to look over your life :-)

Rambler said...

one of the things which we fail to realize is importance of good health, we seem to take notice only when it goes to extremes, very well said

Jeques said...

It is hard to win a battle when it is our body that is starting to give up. What's the use of the strongest heart in a body that's falling apart? But I've heard so many success stories of people who never gave up and become triumphant.

Our human body may not conquer cancer, but the human spirit will.

I wish you well.

~ Jeques

Rob Kistner said...

Touching post Lucy... and mieux de la santé!

I'm pleased you got WI badge installed... ;)

Scout said...

I know what you mean about starting vitamins and then dropping them withing a few days. I do that too and I shouldn't.

I hope you are able to get on that healthy road and stay there.

Deirdre said...

Someone I've known for close to twenty years was just diagnosed with cancer. It's a very treatable kind, but still.... It breaks my heart.

We've been cleaning up our diets for the last few weeks too. This last flu Richard got gave us a good push to cut back on fat and salt and add more vegies and whole grains. We both feel much better already.