Tuesday, March 25, 2008

To my mom

I remember like it was yesterday playing in our old backyard
I remember mom always working, always busy, her life was so hard
I remember rubbing her back when it was aching and she was feeling totally beat
I remember selfishly worrying I would inherit her bunions and red swollen feet

Life had been tough on mom for too long of a time
To experience so much loss has no reason, nor rhyme
A Young widow missing her husband and dear mother
Struggling to pay bills dealing with one problem after another

Solely raising her children who were Twelve, nine and three
Sometimes Wishing this life wasn't hers, imagining herself carefree
Time flies past worries, it even flies past three children who are growing fast
Time gave Mom a new husband, a new life, but alas, it sadly didn't last

More sickness. More pain. More hurt for one woman is an insensible crime
Six short years. Mom is once again alone for an unbearably lonely second time
Many tears of heartache, too much pain for her to hold inside
Till magically Another love finds her and lifts her woeful low tide

Nineteen years of happiness, Moms longest matrimonial tie
Then ALS unlocks them. Once again, Mom weeps a heart-wrenching goodbye
Many souls would fall apart, many hearts would fall to despair
Mom picks herself up once more and becomes a devoted volunteer

Helping people became her passion, finally giving her life fresh reason and a sweet rhyme
Happy to be helpful. happy to be giving of her vast love, her warm heart, her spare time
She is an extraordinary example of strength an incredible example of courage galore
Mom is sassy. Mom is gutsy. Mom is someone I truly admire and will always love and adore.


paisley said...

lucy.. this was such a wonderful tribute to a strong and wonderful woman... i do so hope you share it with her... she has every reason to be ever so proud of you,, and i am thrilled you shared this little piece of your world with us!!!!!

susiej said...

Lucy, I love that you see all of these beautiful things in your Mom. My heartaches.

daisies said...

what an incredibly beautiful tribute to your mom and look at the two of you so very gorgeous :) i would have guessed your mom is amazing because she raised an amazing daughter, xo

Remiman said...

That is beautiful. Your relationship with your mom is a tresure beyond gold.

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

What a touching tribute to your mom, dear Lucy. Sending you peace & love, xx, JP/deb

keith hillman said...

A very tender and moving tribute. Pic's not bad either!!!

Tammy said...

She is an amazing woman that has been through so much! How lucky you both are Lucy. XXOO

myrtle beached whale said...

You really worked hard at this post. Well done!!!