Wednesday, April 22, 2009

3 word wednesday


I was only 8 years old When I had my first taste of liquor
A toothache had hit me hard, each minute the pain getting quicker
Mom foolishly gave me a shot glass of scotch to dab on my gums that were thumping
After deceitfully guzzling down several glasses, my little heart started pumping!
I stripped off all my clothes and started running wildly around each room
Mom had already left for work and wouldn't be returning too soon
My big sister realized I was drunk and frantically called our big brother
He caught me and tried to calm me and threatened to call our busy mother
I can't remember for how long I sickly hung over our putrid pink bathroom sink
All I know is I made an oath to my young self..Never AGAIN to indulge in drink!


anthonynorth said...

Ah, memories - and painful ones, too.
I guess as kids, we just have to experiment.

ThomG said...

Hopefully, it was good Scotch. Witty and wonderfully written. Ahhh, memories.

Daily Panic said...

LOL - why is it that liquor makes females take their clothes off??
Thanks for sharing the memory!

SweetTalkingGuy.. said...

Yeah, memories!
Maybe that's the way to steer people away from the demon drink.
Well retold!

pia said...

Wonderfully told. Did you live up to your oath?

gautami tripathy said...

So wittily told. As Pia asked, have to kept your oath?

gyrating on its own steam of oath

Lucy said...

Thanks Anthony Thom and Sweet talking guy.. I very much doubt is was good scotch!

Daily panic-- I wish I knew why liquor makes us women strip! But to answer Pia and gautami's question... NO I unfortunately didn't live up to that Oath and experienced the stripping and sickness Three more memorable times in my life!
haha! possible Future posts if I dare!

Crystal Phares said...

I love the way you told this. I'm forbidden from drinking the hard stuff outside of my house.

Amy said...

Very funny! My grandmother tells a story of when she was a little girl she once drank the last drops of homemade wine out of the adults' glasses at a get-together. She really only wanted a taste...lots of small tastes added up. They found her later asleep in the back of someone's car...She never talked about throwing up, however. Probably didn't want to remember.

Witchmojo said...

Still giggling over this. It is such a wonderfully childlike thing to do, the innocence of it shines through.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I use to steal sips of my mothers wine. I knew you were a bowl hugger from wayback. lol

MichaelO said...

A pink porcelain goddess?! I might have heaved at just the sight! haha. Funny how many moonshine remedies there are!

Jeeves said...

Giggle. Happens, happens!

maglomaniac said...


An oath not to drink again:)
Got magic in your fingertips

LadyGarfield said...

hahahahah... that was a fun read! do tell us more, since you did not live up to your oath!

Angel said...

Cute story!

Skittles said...

Lucy, Lucy, Lucy. Is that a true story or one you made up for this meme?

If it is, then I'm guessing the toothache was soon forgotten?

I had a similar experience except my mom didn't give it to me and it wasn't booze, it was LSD. Peace and far out, man.

Patois said...

And I thought I had started young.

Bone said...

This, like so many of your posts do, made me smile throughout. I wonder how many times that "never again" promise has been made over porcelain.