Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sharing my shopping tip!

Forget the current swine flu scare... I am ALWAYs worried about germs! I am crazy about hand washing! I wash my hands so often, I am surprised they aren't raw. (but I am hand cream crazy too) That is why my action made NO sense last week while I was shopping in a produce store...After I tried over and over and over and I just couldn't open one of those hermetically sealed plastic produce bags... I actually... don't freak out now... I actually HAD to lick my finger tips! I was SO reluctant.. but I had so many items to buy and NO time to be F*&%ing around with plastic bags... It seriously Killed me! I was cringing! I couldn't stop thinking about it.. And sure enough.. 2 days later... I had a terrible sore throat and cold. I just KNOW it had to come from touching that shopping carts filthy, germy handle and then licking my finger tips! YuLK! So this week... I thought.. do I bring a wet sponge with me?? Do I care if I look like a nut?? And then the brilliant idea hit me! Use the produce! I looked around each aisle till I found the wettest looking green thing... It was Broccoli RAbe. ( which I LOVE but wasn't buying today).. So I ripped off a few very wet leafs and put them in my basket... Every time I needed to open a bag... I rubbed the leaves! ( I guess I looked like a nut even without a sponge) .. but it worked and I was able to open up at least 15 bags! I think rubbing those leaves may have been good luck too because I won $2.00 on a scratch off ticket! Who knew Broccoli could be so useful!
So...How worried are YOU about the swine flu and germs in general?


Queen-Size funny bone said...

You gotta die from something but being fat I would not like to die from the swine flu. It would be ironic.

Barb said...

Queen cracks me up.. and so do you!

Ya know. I have the same trouble opening the poop bags we have for cleaning up after our puppy. I'm going to take a wild guess and say cleaning up dog poop with a plastic bag is something you would not do. Ever. ;)

I'm not too worried about germs. I eat food that has dropped on the floor. I eat food anywhere actually...

Giggles said...

You know what Lucy, link this post to your Sunday scribblings and make it all one post!! Seriously this is a funny confession too!! Careful about the FLU scare, but not crazy. I think you can worry yourself into a needless frenzy!! Just take precautions...and I am for sure!
Loved this funny piece of crazy Luciness!

Big Hugs Giggles