Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A reason?

The heads or tails prompt is 'reason'
It made me wonder...
What is the reason I have been blogging less?
One reason that I am aware of is Zero inspiration from my routine life.
Nothing much is happening, nothing that is, that makes me think ANYONE would be
even mildly interested in it. I also have less and less free time.
Another reason for my lack of motivation? Fewer Comments. Hearing everyones comments
was THE best part of blogging. However, Lately, Not as many readers are commenting. I would normally assume it must be that my posts are for shit. BUT according to that (sometimes scary) site-meter thingy.. MANY more people pop in on me and read posts than are commenting. What is THEIR reason? Who knows? Maybe once they REad the posts they think they ARE too shitty to motivate THEM to take that extra step and time? Could a reason be that I am hitting my 3 year blogging anniversary soon and that MAY indicate a good reason for quitting time? After All, How long Do most bloggers continue to do this? Let me end yet another shitty post on a positive note...
Would you like to know What DOES help me to find enough inspiration to sit down and try to think of a reason to blog?
The wonderful prompt sites like Heads or tails and the others in my side bar. Thanks! Without you guys I wouldn't have made it a year.
(hope u choose to leave a comment! )

Heads Or Tails


Bone said...

I definitely hope you don't quit. Though I'm approaching my six-year bloggiversary, and definitely have thought of quitting more than a couple of times.

So you Twitter, too? Sigh. A couple of people have been trying to get me to start Tweeting.

Giggles said...

You better not quit!! I think it's because we can all lurk on google reader. I don't know about you but if I don't comment I can read way more blogs! Plus time is of the essence and it's often hard to find time for everything. Lucy we all have lulls. I am the same place as you! How much more can I say really, without boring the crap out of people!! I never find you boring one bit!!Plan something special for the blogversary!!

Big hugs I always read every word you write!
Love Sherrie
I have a friend that stopped blogging and just fell of the side of the earth....People don't realize we get attached!

Simply-Mel said...

I blog for me...kinda like a digital journal for my kids one day, so comments are a great bonus but not essential.

I think people are commenting less generally because they ARE READING TOO MANY BLOGS. So you just quickly click through, read, click through and so on. I cannot comment every time on all the blogs I read cos I dont have the time! But I enjoy the all nonetheless and try to comment at least once a week on all my favourite reads.

I do hope you continue!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

okay ding ding...what comes first the comment or the post. if you don't post i can't comment. and if i don't comment you don't want to post. what the hell! share some more of you customers stories.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lucy,

On your worst day you could never be boring. I remember the times we would chit chat about anything and everything. I always left your company with a positive feeling.

Hang In There,

Tumblewords: said...

I'm three, too, and I noticed the same thing - readers are up, comments are down. What the hey? Keep 'em coming, Petals!

forgetfulone said...

I love your blog! You know that! But I know what you mean about having fewer comments and less inspiration. I've been feeling it, too. Plus, I am so busy! Hope to talk to you soon. Are you on facebook?