Sunday, April 05, 2009

Sunny Sunday

I don't think I realized How badly I was having the winter blues till I stepped out bright and early this morning and felt the sunny sunday sun beam down on me. It's effect should be condensed into a tasty yet healthy cookie that we can eat each day. Wouldn't that be great? packaged energy, happiness and appreciation. I was determined to make the most out of this feeling and this beautiful day.
First.. I headed off to a Zumba class! WHAT an Intense work out!! I started sweating after only 5 minutes and didn't stop shakin' my hips for a full hour! ( according to weight watchers that earns me 6 additional points today!! Thats 5 milano cookies!)
After that I did a few errands, took my son to work with the roof open and great music enhancing my feels so good feelings.
After a healthy lunch, My husband and I drove to the beach and walked 2 miles on the board walk.
It felt so wonderful. We enjoyed hand holding and talking and the water and the sky and The sunshine! I also enjoyed the man who jogged past us with headphones on while singing ... HELP, I NEED SOMEONE.. really loud, like he was the only one in the world! haha An older man with skin tight spandex pants and a crazy jacket! Others around us were laughing and looking at him like he was a nut job.. but, I said to my husband.. I want whatever he is taking!
After we showered we headed out to a nearby village to do some window shopping and more walking!
I found a fancy but quite reasonable little q-tip holder for my vanity in a little shop that had just opened yesterday. I felt good to give the friendly owner a little business. I sure hope he makes it in this scary economy. Then we stopped in a restaurant for some dinner then headed home and played rummy-o.
(I Love games.. so he pacifies me!) What a wonderful day! Now My husband is picking up our son and when they get back we are all going to sit down and watch Slum dog Millionaire. We still haven't seen it! Tomorrow the forecast says rain all day long... but It's okay.. I absorbed so much of todays warmth, I will still be feeling it's affects, whatever the weather!


Barb said...

I know what you mean! Sunshine has such power to rejuvenate us and make everything look and feel better.

Your whole day sounds wonderful, filled with love from your family. Who could ask for more?

That guy in spandex? I bet you could really SEE what the nuts.. I mean what a nut job he was.

I have a little something for you..

Tammy Brierly said...

What a great way to wash away the winter blues. XXOO

Deirdre said...

A perfect Sunday. It's so good to see the sun and bask in the warmth.

Smalltown RN said...

Yes sun therapy nothing better is there....gosh it has been a long winter. I am so impressed with what you accomplished and all the energy....I don't know about you...but I find excercise just promotes more you have engery to do more and so the cycle continues...congratulations to both you and hubby for your weight loss....Hope you have a fantastic week...cheers!

Barb said...

I emailed you. :P

Forgetfulone said...

Happy Sunny Sunday! It was a pretty Monday here, but it turned cold. Wah!