Wednesday, October 14, 2009

From Dizzy to canine.

Being Bored out of my mind for the last two days may be a good reason to try and write a blog post.
On Monday I went to Dr. Gordon's office for the Epley Maneuver. After seeing the Youtube about the procedure I was expecting that it wasn't going to be too awful. Damn You youtube. My experience wasn't so cut and dry or tear free. After the first procedure of gently rotating my body and head for one minute in each position, They told me they now had to repeat the same procedure and this time I most likely would not be as dizzy. As soon as he laid me backwards, not only did the dizziness feel much much worse, i could also feel my eyeballs spinning quickly around in my head!! Nausea kicked in, It was terrifying! As if all that wasn't scary enough, Dr. Gordon indecently said... "This is very unusual" and he began to tell his assistant something about my eyes. I was so busy panicking and crying that I really don't know what he said. I remember saying.. What's wrong !!?What's happening???!! And he said.. I'm not completely sure but just hang in there the spinning will stop any second now.. and it finally did!! He continued with the rotation of positions and explained to my husband Something about my crystals being in different canals, but I really couldn't comprehend it in my state and I didn't need an explanation later either as I was so queasy and lightheaded, and i just wanted to go home.

What I did understand was that i couldn't know for sure if this maneuver cured my vertigo until after 48 hours had passed. So, If I was still feeling dizzy, that didn't mean it was unsuccessful. (but I sure have been frustrated that I am still feeling dizzy and lightheaded)
As part of the after care.. to prevent the ear crystals from being moved back into the sensitive part of the ear, I've been wearing a soft cervical neck collar to prevent sudden head jerks and bending. I can't sleep in bed but in a recliner at no more than a 45 degree angle.

It's been quite uncomfortable but will be worth it if this works..(as u can see, it has been very comfortable for Miss Molly and Mr. Cosmo, who haven't left my side and feet) If it doesn't work.. He wants to repeat the Epley Maneuver when I go back on Tuesday. I've read that Sometimes a few times is the charm.

The strangest thing happened monday night while attempting to sleep in the recliner. At about 4 am.. I heard this high pitched sound. Almost like a radio frequency that was out of whack. Without bending my head, I wrigggled my way out from under Cosmo and out of the recliner and started wandering around my home, trying to find out Which of my sons had left his tv, radio, cds, game player or SPACE TASSER?? on... I went all the way upstairs, I went down again. i went into the basement... and then I realized it was loudest in my kitchen... Where though?? First the napkin holder. I held it up to my ear.. it was buzzing so loudly.. then I put my ear up against the Light switches and FOUnD the source! High pitched sound waves or something?? I was so so confused... and then the light bulb in my dizzy head went off... Holy Shit! this may be ALL in my head?!! In my ears?? Does this mean the maneuver worked? Or does this mean I will be picking up the local radio stations in my ears and fillings now?
As I maneuvered myself and the dogs back down.. I felt this keen sense of hearing for the rest of that early morning.... I heard several loud jets. Trains. (which are so far from our home... I didn't know we ever heard them over here) I heard the crickets as loud as if they were sharing the recliner too. It was the weirdest experience, and I am trying to look at this as a positive sign that I am fixed! Even thought the audiologist said my hearing test last week, was good... who knows... maybe My hearing is even better than good and like My friend Carol said.. Maybe I have dog hearing now! Wouldn't that be great. Well, I already have the collar on.... Maybe I can get a matching leash and pooper scooper for Christmas.

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Anonymous said...

Good heavens, what a procedure. Are you okay?

Love the music. Nice touch. :-)

anthonynorth said...

That's quite a treatment. Here's hoping it works.

mark said...

My grandmother had that treatment at an advanced age. Turns out she had something else altogether wrong with her, but she was game to try. In fact, as the doctor was explaining the procedure to her, he up and did it...and Grandma didn't have time to get terribly uptight.

I hope this works for you as vertigo can't be any fun at all.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I've had moments like you describe before. all of a sudden my hearing becomes crystal clear and better than normal. it has come and gone at different times.

Tumblewords: said...

Wow! What an experience...surely it will work and you'll be undizzy in no time at all. What color leash? :)

Linda Jacobs said...

I love your humorous writing! Very enjoyable!

Patois said...

Dog hearing! Gosh, after all this, I hope you see straight and hear for miles.

Giggles said...

I don't know how you do it, but there is always a laugh in every post!! Oh my, one pooper scooper comin right up!! Nice bionic ears you have there super woman!!

Great writing...cute photo!! Feel better real soon Lucy! Or should I say woof woof....woof woof woof!!

Big hugs Giggles Gigglin

~willow~ said...

Hi there! This is the first I've heard of this treatment for vertigo. Your description of the dizziness makes me hope I never have to try it for myself! I hope it worked for you, tho -- the bionic hearing does seem to indicate good things! Thanks for sharing this via 3WW!

Peter said...
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Lucy said...

thanks everyone!
Great news...
after 48 hours..
I feel Good!
I think the Epley worked!
thanks for all your comments
they made me smile.. and bark!

Jane Doe said...

I hope the Epley did work and you don't have to go back for another, it sounds very unpleasant. That would be wonderful if it took care of it for you!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving that wonderful comment.

Have a great day,


Kathleen Flarry said...

I found you from a Google search to see if there were Epley maneuvers for dogs. My poor old girl is still acting a bit wacky, head at a tilt and some wobbling despite medication from the vet. I too had vertigo and it is dreadful! The Epley maneuver helped tremendously. I came across an article but after registering with the Calgary,Alberta society they wanted 15 $ to read it so I had to decline. Thanks for your wit; it helped with the challenge here!