Sunday, October 04, 2009

September Synopsis

If I have any readers left they would know.. I haven't been blogging lately.. lately.
But I thought I would summarize my September for ME.. just to write something. Just for my own entertainment. Just to pass a few minutes while I try not to SPIN out of control.( explained later)
September! Wow It really flew.. Just like I feel the year has flown by.
My youngest Son began his senior year of High school. We both began the crazy college search.
I have found myself BEYOND overwhelmed with the whole process. Even though I had two other kids go off to college... this new OLDER, forgetful Me.. feels totally clueless with the entire process.. as If it's all new to me. I sent a frazzled email to his guidance counselor and I was wacky enough to write.. It may be menopause or Dementia but I sure need HeLP!

Another wacky undertaking in September... I actually went to a 10 hour Zumba workshop and am Now a Certified Zumba instructor! I know! Hard to imagine, right? I love this dance/exercise program so much but while taking the course.. I initially felt I would never be able to find the time (and talent) to choreograph routines and be courageous enough to begin teaching. After another week of reviewing the dvds they gave me and speaking to my amazingly inspiring Zumba teacher.. I began to think.. Hey why not? I don't have to be as intensely energetic as her or as skilled... and in her words... 'there are different types of zumba teachers for different types of students YOU CAN DO IT LUCy"... So I was ALL excited and pumped and

hello hello... I am (once again) in a place called Vertigo...
The spinning hasn't been as bad as back in '06 but it is preventing me from living my normal life and I am pissed off about that beyond any words! The last time it occurred, my doc sent me for an MRI.. but she never sent me to an ENT.. I really think that is who I need. Besides the usual spinning and nausea I am feeling like my ears are full of fluid. I have also been experiencing Crazy CRAZY buzzing in my ear! Especially while laughing hard!
Last week a New client had me hysterically laughing.. All of a sudden I SLAPPED the side of my head so hard it knocked my glasses off my head! Because I Thought a BEE had flown into my ear! She looked at me strange and I Laughed and only said.. "i am laughing so hard my glassses fell!!"..... ( and she looked at me weird as if thinking... YEAH! because you slapped yourself in the head Wacko!)

There have been some good things going on in September!! BAck in August for my 50th b.d. My friends had gotten us tickets to go see BYe Bye Birdie on broadway and an italian dinner before the show. The play was so cute and I was excited to see John Stamos play Dick Van Dykes role.
Gina Gershon was also in the show in the role of Rosie.. I had loved the movie back in the 60's when I was a kid. I thought they did a great job!
Also for my B.d., One of the gifts from Mr. Petals was Tickets to see Rusted Root in concert on Sept. 24th.
We have loved this band since the early 90's and I was so happy to get a chance to see them perform. The venue was a small theater, so after the show they signed Cds.. and I actually got to meet, TOUCH and talk with the lead singer Michael Glabicki.. who I loooveee!! Mr.Petals thought I looked 13 years old running to get on line to get his autograph... and u know what?
I felt 13! it was silly but fun and it made me happy! We also met and really really enjoyed the opening band.... The Kin. We bought their cds and are really enjoying their music as well. Two nice brothers from Australia. I hope they become popular because they have beautiful voices and are so talented AND so so nice.
I think synopsis means a sHOrt summary?? This is more like a September Story...

but anyway... besides my vertigo... i had a few other problems in September that are wearing my nerves down. First.. I injured my knee the week before the zumba workshop.. I have been trying to baby it, ice it, massage it, hot tub it and do some exerises that my son showed me he did in Physical therapy for his knee... but it may be time to see the doc. since it is holding me back from being as active as I usually am. Another problem that has me shocked and pissed off...
the Opthamologist is pretty sure I have glaucoma.. No I didn't turn 80 last b.d.. Only 50!
I am so worried.. He wants to repeat all the tests again this time early in the morning to see if it is the same result.. but it is an inherited disease and my mom has it ( although she didn't get hers till 79!)

So let's see.. what have I forgotten.. I Touched on the knee the eyes the spinning the zumba the college stress
and the two fun shows... what have I forgotten about September?? Blogging!
I haven't kept up with my favorites or posted much of my own.. Hope I get inspired soon to post regularly and with a bit more flair than than just recapping.
Also let's hope October takes it's sweet time because I hate to believe that freaking Christmas is around the corner!


Remiman said...

There's blogging (more intense) and FB, (quick time) not enough time or energy for both most days. Golly your 50th will be memorable for alot of things! ;>) Good and not so fun.
I agree, you need to see an ENT about the vertigo. I have a great Friend who is an awesome ENT doc if you want.
Since you're a certified dance instructor, do you think you could teach me to salsa dance?
Wishing you a better Oct. and a stress free Christmas season:)))

Penny said...

Lucy I'm so sorry to hear about the vertigo, a friend of mine has the same problem and just no answers. But you know your thoughts about becoming an instructor were really inspiring to me, because you're doing it your own unique way!

I really hope October is a better month for both of us in terms of blogging inspiration.

Gill said...

September was a hellava month for you! I can sympathise re: the vertigo - I had it really bad a couple of years ago, fortunately it didn't last long and it was because of a blocked Eustachian tube... so the ears definitely came into it. Hope it and the knee come right quick!

Deirdre said...

Holy Moly, Miss! That's a lot all at once. I hope October is an easier month.

Bone said...

Maybe you teach the children's Zumba class to start out with. You know, like Kramer did when he took karate :)

Lucy! You're teaching children?!?!

I'm sorry about your vertigo and your knee prob. Hope everything clears up soon!

Oh, and I've decided to call this month Blogtober in hopes that it will make me blog more often :)

2cats said...

I turned 54 today. I remember turning 50 and thought my life was over. It was not. However, there are days it feels like I have died.
I have learned that I have to go slower and take an extra second or two before I do something. But after thinking about it, I can still actually do it.
I am sorry about the vertigo and your knee. With the proper doctor's attention I am sure you will be good as new.

Christine said...

Lucy have you heard of Meniere's disease? It could be the cause of your vertigo, and buzzing or ringing,I have a friend with all of these symptoms and that was his diagnosis. For starters they will tell you to cut wayyy down on salt intake, and their is medication as well. Good luck!! ps not a deadly disease :)

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Hang in there girlfriend. when it rains its pours. keep taking it easy and soon you'll be back to normal and doing that Zumba.

Tumblewords: said...

A full stew of September. October's almost guaranteed to resolve this murk and get you back on track. Good luck. Sounds like you had a blast with Rusted Roots. Wahoo!

Giggles said...

Wow Lucy I have been in the same bloggin boat. Good to hear from you! I have read the last post but never got back to comment... I am a loyal reader...just a little behind the eight ball. Check out what Chris said she knows of what she speaks!

Sounds a little like my last few months. Everyone is slowing down on blogging....except maybe queenie. Blog when you get the urge, and take care of that vertigo and knee... so sorry to hear about it!! So proud of you zumba princess.....As for christmas....scale it down girl!!!!
Enjoy what you want when you everything else in between!! Take care of yourself!

Love Giggles

Anonymous said...

Anna said:

Bravo on your ZUMBA. All things do pass, hang in there.

Forgetfulone said...

Wow! Girl, you have so much going on! I'm so impressed with your zumba committment. But I hope you can get your vertigo problem solved. It does sound like you need an ENT. And why did I not know about the possibility of glaucoma? Aren't we friends? When will you get tested again? Keep me posted!