Saturday, October 31, 2009

happy halloween

Well it's halloween night. Not much happening. We celebrated last week by going to a party at the dance studio where I take my zumba classes. It was a fun night, that started with a west coast swing lesson and led into dancing all night, buffet and unlimited drinks. All for the amazing cost of 36.oo per couple! Our Friends that came with us were as surprised as we were when everyone on the floor was AMAZING at dancing! It then of course dawned on me... WHO were the guests? Dance instructors and their dancey friends and dance students!! At one point they were all doing some beautiful waltz the same exact way, going the same way around the beautiful dance floor... while the 4 of us clowns (well.. actually 2 pirates and 2 cowboys) were free styling and bumping into them all! After only one cosmo, we didn't care that we were the only foursome that they thought had 8 left feet. We had fun and many laughs and know WE CAN Dance!!

this week was a good one, there's lot's of adventures going on yet it left me once again.. Thinking of my blog.. feeling obligated to write something on it... choosing instead to play my 29 games of scrabble that I have going on on Facebook. Facebook is probably the reason for less blogging. It is quick and a great way to touch base with many with one wall. But.. my blog feels like an old friend. A friend who I will always love but I have less and less to say to her.
So without much thought... I am going to ramble about my week and just fill my old friend in..
This past week, Mr. Petals and I celebrated our 29th anniversary! We had a date day that involved shopping for a dressy dress for me for an upcoming christmas party, A new sports coat for him and Ordering a new railing for our back steps. That evening we enjoyed a lovely romantic italian dinner at Marios.
One day, my son found a weird protrusion on poor Mr. cosmo that ended up being a tick! In all my years of having pets, I've never had a flea or tick on any of them! It looked like a rotten kernel of corn! My smart son insisted that it was some sort of parasite. We ran Cosmo to the vet who confirmed it was an engorged tick. So gross and so worrisome! But he is fine and since it wasn't a deer tick, he won't need to be tested for Lyme. It was so nice that our vet didn't charge us to tweeze it off of him. Cos was pretty stressed, but a few dog treats later.. just fine.
Another on going event of many past weeks is this college application stuff! WHAT an overwhelming, mind boggling process! I feel like WE are so far behind! I use the word WE so much ( We applied here and WE applied there) that my oldest son keeps asking WHerE I am going to be attending college next year!? He is right! I am doing way too much of the stressing over this! I hear my clients tell me that they NeVEr got involved... their kid did Everything!!
you know what?? I am going to add my name to one of these app's.. and You never know.. If I get accepted maybe I will be the one that sets sail next year and my youngest can do all my jobs at home!
Well, once again.. I thought I couldn't blog and I end up writing more than I think anyone will even read. Hope to be back soon


threesidesofcrazy said...

Happy Halloween girl! I'm finally getting up and running after the cross country move and stopping by to say hello.

Giggles said...

I think this is a great week of adventure that would do well being added to Sunday scribblings!! For the record I would be involved in the school thing. Ultimately everything was her choice but she still seeks my advice, more like a friend than a parent!

There is a resurgence of dancing and having fun the old fashioned way!! I think that was a very economical night! I figure 20 bucks a person for a night out is doing well!!! Nice post thanks for visiting here once in a while, it's slightly meatier than facebook!!!

Hugs Giggles

Lucy said...

thanks for the suggestion giggs.. i listened to u (as usual)xo

glad the move is done tamm.. i will pop over later xo

Tammy Brierly said...

Facebook ALMOST makes me want to stop blogging it's so easy and fun. I then remember I'm printing my blog for TK.:)

That party sounds like a blast. I used to LOVE to waltz. XXOO

See ya on FB lol

keiths ramblings said...

You can never write too much for me! And I'd far rather read your thoughts here than on Facebook!

ThomG said...

FB and blogging are different animals, that's for sure. I have grown to use FB more to keep in touch with people, let friends know how I'm doing in all aspects of my life. The blog has nearly turned into a writer's sketchbook (and thanks for the props, I have no idea where some of the ideas come from, just glad they do) that has become a passion.

Adventures, both, I think.

Barb said...

Party hardy!

Tumblewords: said...

A wonderful week - hardly any ghosties except that fat tick? I haven't learned what to do with Facebook so I do nothing. Twitter is where I post most of my haiku, but that's all I do there - strange world. And I didn't dance a single waltz. Dang.

Bone said...

Well since I have already used up my "But I don't wanna be a pirate" comment, I'll just say Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. Petals!

linda may said...

G'Day, 29 years, hey us too, but about a month ahead of you guys. Congratulations.
I enjoyed hearing about your week of life adventure. Keep dancing. :)

Granny Smith said...

Please don't abandon your blog! I enjoy your Facebook entries, but it through your blog that I really feel that I know you.

Several of my grandchildren have taken up ballroom dancing and love it.

I hope this next week will be another happy and adventurous one for you.

Forgetfulone said...

Halloween sounds like it was fun! And the college experience really is daunting.

Barb said...

Stopping by to say hello.

Barb said...

You always know the perfect thing to say. (Your comment at my blog..)