Thursday, February 08, 2007

It's a world of laughter a world of tears

So often I am blown away by what a small world we live in.
Recently though, I had a chilling day when one of my clients (I'll call her Mary) thought another client (Sadie) looked very familiar. Both these women are in their mid 70's. Knowing they had both raised their kids in my area, I suggested maybe their kids went to high school together? "No!", Mary was insistent- "That's not it!". Then I suggested - Are you both from the same church? Again Mary- Very sharp and determined - " That's not it". Meanwhile Poor Sadie sat clueless and bewildered as Marys face & name didn't ring a bell. All of a sudden Mary Jumps up and yells " Oh MY GOD! I went to high school with you!"
Was your name Sadie So&So?? Is your sister Sandy So&So??? Well, the emotions and reminiscing that followed left me chilled, teary and unable to work! They had both lived in Brooklyn and high school was more than 55 years ago.
Mary was BEST friends with Sadie's sister. Sadie's husband was friends with Marys brother. What really broke me up though, was as they were asking each other- have you seen Frankie or Joe or Sandy or Chicky.... the answers were almost always the same...... Gone! ( Oh dear, I was so depressed.) They named about 15 names ( including their spouses) and my goodness gracious they had all passed away. I thought it odd, since the average life expectancy ( I think) is the mid 80's. How sad for these two people to have lost so many friends. They responded with shock and tears on some of the unexpected passings. They also got very quiet at one point as if trying to digest all of this distasteful new information on so many old acquaintances. What also blew me away, when Sadie was ready to leave- there were no hugs or phone numbers exchanged. I thought for sure they would have wanted to spend more time talking about old times.
Instead Sadie said "Wow, such a small world, what a small world". Mary just shook her head in agreement.
I think their memories were too sweet, their journey too quick and their loss too heartbreaking.
It was such a reminder of how short a time we all have and how important it is to adore each precious day & each precious person.


Liza's Eyeview said...

such a thought provoking post...thanks for the reminder to adore each precious day and each person - I will do that today...and hopefully everyday of my life.

spider said...

Lucy, I don't think ANYONE could have written that experience better than you did. Thank you for sharing it with us.

I wish we could have met each other earlier. But I'm grateful we met when we did. And I look forward to the year's ahead, girlfriend.

'tis interesting about how all those folks who passed did so before they were into their 80's...wonder what's up with that?

Anonymous said...

How beautiful you wrote about their meeting again after so many years. Your gift to write painted a loving human story about life.


Ally Bean said...

Isn't that amazing that thinking and talking about the past is enough of a connection for these ladies? They don't want to stay in touch now and will just go back to their lives without each other. Fascinating.