Thursday, February 22, 2007

Miss Lucys Wild ride

Today as my son and I were driving to his doctors appointment, we were totally aghast by the sight of a burnt car flying in the air straight towards us! As we were headed West on the parkway driving in the left hand lane- a car heading East, apparently already charred, was flipping over and over as it sailed through the air. The image is still surreal. I was terrified and quickly swerved into the center lane, thank god no one was there, maybe they were and they swerved too. I swerved quickly back to the left only to see debris flying straight toward my windshield. ( my son said it was a muffler?? who knows)
I was screaming, I was crying my legs were shaking..... But my son... my 14 year old son was amazingly stoic.. He yelled "MOM Just Drive straight and fast!" Being in the left lane doing 70 when this all occurred and occurred SO quickly, I didn't stop, I didn't pull over. I just kept driving... straight and fast. I kept crying and shaking and I said " oh my god, people must have died back there, that could have been us". The image of that car flying and turning is still haunting me. I have viewed the local news and have heard nothing about it. I can't imagine how fast that car was going to become airborne. I can't imagine how many other drivers were also killed. I feel guilty that I didn't do anything. We got to his appointment on time. Like nothing had happened. It reminds me of how fragile life is, how unpredictable, how precious. Right before this all happened, I had been lecturing my son about how messy his room has been. When we were sitting in the waiting room and the shaking stopped, I apologized for caring about dirty clothes and gum wrappers. I gave him another hug. I am so grateful he is okay.
I really wish everyone would drive more carefully. In the past 10 years or so, I have seen a change on the roads.(No, it's not that I am just old). I know I have blogged about it already. I have to say it again. We are all too distracted, selfish and careless on the roads. Please, Let's all realize our cars are weapons. Please use your blinkers, Please don't drive too fast & don't tailgate, Please consider and respect others. Let's all be careful out there. One careless mistake can destroy so many lives.


spider said...

Oh my goodness, Lucy! Thank God.
Thank heavens for your and your son's quick thinking. Thank goodness for your excellent driving.

You're right. Celebrate life as if each day's your last. Keep one's priorities in mind at all time. Don't fret over the small stuff.

Thank God.

deirdre said...

What a scary experience! I've seen a change in the roads in the past several years too. People are more agressive and the tail-gating is horrifying. I almost got rear-ended by a truck last week because the driver was driving too fast and not paying attention. I'm glad you're okay.

giggles said...

Hey Lucy that’s so scary, you reminded me of an incident I had a few years ago. I’ll save if for my blog. You are so right about things changing the last ten years. People ARE more aggressive, not courteous letting others in. The world is too fast, compassion is waning! Way too many cars on the road too!Glad you’re safe, and yes it puts priorities in perspective!

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Take care

Jane said...

Lucy, thank God you and your son are OK! I agree that there are too many driving mistakes being made by people who are just too distracted. I witnessed a horrible car accident with a young fatality by the side of the road when I was driving across country over 20 years ago. That image still haunts me. Thanks for reminding us all about taking more time to think about our driving.

Ally Bean said...

Stuff like that scares the heebie jeebies out of me. Your son was right to have you keep going. Getting out of the way is often the biggest help there is.

Lyn said...

I'm so happy you two are o.k. People are crazy around here.

Speedy Chick said...

Oh my gosh...You must have been so scared. I'm glad your OK though. I know what you mean about crazy drivers. I had one try to run me over on the bridge the other day and when I got beside her angry of course she looked at me like she had no idea why I was so angry.