Saturday, February 17, 2007

Movie review

We just finished watching the movie "the departed". If you haven't seen it don't read any further, I'd hate to ruin a movie for anyone....... It was Very suspenseful, It was very interesting but I had a real problem with that ending! Sometimes films give you alternate endings. Well, my opinion is One of those alternates should always be a chick friendly finale. Turn that gruesome, violent ending into a chick flick fantasy. Leonardo lives, he gets the girl the glory the badge of merit and maybe even a sequel. Now that is something I would watch again and again. I have never been a big Leonardo DiCaprio fan, but seeing him recently in "The basketball Diaries" I was truly impressed. He really is a brilliant actor. He shows that brilliance again in "the departed". I am surprised he wasn't nominated for an award. If you've read this and you haven't seen it, See it, it was good, but you will be thinking of this and be perturbed at me or yourself for not stopping at the first line.


giggles said...

Hey Lucy you may find more substance in the Indy films. We just don't watch mainstream movies like we use to. Unless it's similar to "Little Miss Sunshine". Try watching
Undertaking Betty it's funny.....English, and Christopher Walken will amuse you in his unique character.

Peace and giggles

Mary said...

I know! I was upset that Leonardo's character had to die. I chalk it up to life just not working out so rosy. I heard a great piece about "ensemble" movies on NPR and it also gave me a new pov on the film.