Wednesday, February 28, 2007

mac less

I love my computer but I hate computers. I will be without mine for possibly 7-10 days. I took my oldest sons advice a couple of years ago and bought a mac. "Oh they are so reliable and easy and never get viruses!" Well, it would be my luck that instead of a virus I have a computer that is running hot & wild. Cds flying across the room, cds refusing to eject.Turning itself off when it should be sleeping. Who needs this nonsense? You're right however, We all need this nonsense. We are so accustomed to them. I felt like I was leaving one of my kids alone at the mall. I was wacky enough to say "take good care of him." So right now I am struggling on my sons laptap which is so uncomfortable because I am not used to it. He is also annoyed that I even want to.(he said yes, but you know how you can just see how impatient someone is feeling?) I promised not to touch anything of his, because the last time I shut it down incorrectly and closed the top!! oooohhh such a bad mom! He made me think I broke the stupid thing. After 2 years with my mac I already forgot what to do with a PC. Now I can't find spell check... Oh well, if you need me... call me


Ally Bean said...

I feel for you in your state of iMac-less-ness. I'd be lost without mine. :-(

spider said...

I'm a fellow Mac owner, too! But I don't have exciting things like CD's shooting out at me...maybe just as well.

Alexander has a ridiculous prejudice about Macs, feeling they're inferior to PC's. Hmmm...I wonder why he's always having to remove viruses regularly and I (knock on wood) never get any.

Hoping your Mac is home safe and sound asap!

Jane said...

I'm laughing at this Lucy! My 10 year old has a Mac laptop and always makes sure to tell me how superior they are and how they never get a virus. My daughter has a laptop but always prefers to use my PC. So, when I'm forced to use her laptop she is constantly micro managing my use of it !! Computers...can't live with them; can't live without them :))