Friday, May 15, 2009

'P' soup

How many words starting with 'P' can you squeeze into a paragraph...or two.

Picky Penelope Potter preferred to Picnic in the particularly parched but pleasant perimeter of the park.
She packed her perfectly prim and proper pannier with her personal pet provision picks.
Pumpkin Pie, Pistachio pudding, Pickled Pizza, Plum Pancakes, Pineapple potatoes and the Popular Pork popsicles! Just as Penelope previously predicted, her platonic pal Peter the play-write phoned and planned on popping by. Penelope was so pleased that she also packed a pleasant piece of praline prune pecan pie... Peter's personal passion! A Precocious passerby named paul pretended not to Peek or prick his ears up but he privately Perked up when he peered at the picnic prizes penelope had un-Packed.
He proceeded with a profound plan to pilfer the picnic pannier! Pretending to be the parks patrolman, He performed a brilliant phony prank persuading Penelope to flee due to the pestilent pernicious Penguins that were proceeding down Pennsylvania place Piloting towards the Park!! In a Panic, Penelope only picked up her pretty Pink pumps and purple purse and paced purposefully away .. Like a perfectly pure pilgrim she proceeded to PLead with people picnicking to PLEASE precede before Pernicious Penguins pillage the park!!! People perceived her as pretty peculiar!
Paul pilfered, pigged out, then promptly projectile puked! Perfect punishment!

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perfectly phrased!

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Perfect prose.

Giggles said...

I just loved this so much when I read a while good Lucy...great job and so much fun just like you!!

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