Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lucky Lucy

About a month ago Mr. Petals was thinking about purchasing tickets to see 'menopause the musical' We've heard from many clients and also his parents about How hysterically funny this show is.
Considering it was at a playhouse on long island, not in an ornate, grand Manhattan theater, I thought the ticket price seemed too steep. I was also concerned because we have Many affairs coming up which means gifts to give and clothes to buy.
So, I put the old kabash on his good idea! ( NO! I don't wear the pants in this house, but I am the voice of reason and he is reasonable enough(and smart enough) to know when to agree!) I then saw in my newspaper, there was a contest to win tickets to see the show. So, even though it was a long shot, I figured I'd go online and fill out the form and .. well, WHo knows! I remember so clearly saying to him.. Hey! I know! I will win them for us!! (he of course, just rolled his big hazel eyes) Well... WE WON!! ( I know!! I still can't believe it either!! My blog friend Jen used to call me Lucky lucy.. I thought it was cute but now know she was also right!) Amazing! I got the email the other day.. Two tickets to see Menopause the musical!! I almost fell off my computer chair! I am so excited. AND More so, than if I had purchased them! Am I alone on this or am I correct in assuming that most women are never as ecstatic as they are if there is a bargain or deal as part of the bargain or deal?

Perfect example...getting a great sale! Like receiving the 30% off coupon in the mail from your favorite store, instead of their usual 15% off coupon. (Boy do these stores KNOW how to get me to visit them!) Or like today, quickly observing the cashiers mistake in charging me twice for my 3 pack of cantaloupes at Costco. (great catch Lucy!) Or like Yesterday, my husband bought some clothes which included purchasing identical pants in 2 different colors . The sign said they were on sale. Yet, The 50% off, sale price applied to one pair but not the other in a different color? They were on the same rack under the same sign. I not only caught this unusual error on my receipt, but calmly, clearly and OH SO nicely insisted that an adjustment must be made. (voice of reason again? or was it the menopausal intense "don't F*&*ing mess with me" sign on my forehead?) i guess both..... They really ARE the same damn pants! Today I teased Mr. Petals that I am saving him a fortune by being such a sharp, savvy and don't forget Lucky woman! He reminded me of my biggest savvy deal of all time... This Free Mac computer that I am using to tell you about loving a great deal!
Tell me about some of your amazing bargains and wins!


Skittles said...

I know who wears the pants in your family and I know what he does to them. Enough said. ;)

Here's my shopping logic..

If I save 30% then I SAVED that money and so it becomes FREE money which I can then use to buy something else.

paisley said...

well all i have to say is when you have seen the play i wanna know what is so damn funny about menopause as it has been a cavern of depression for me and i have never found it the least bit funny.....

but congrats on winning the tickets... winning anything is always a pleasure!!!!!

Giggles said...

You put it out there!! Good Karma my dear! So happy for you!!

Oh and we are the reigning Queen and Princess of deals on this home front!! Squeals and all we love our sales!!

Big hugs Giggles

AD said...

congrats :D

Happy SS

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