Saturday, June 20, 2009


With a birth sign of Pisces, a whimsical dreamer he was certain to be
Optimistically visualizing his future bursting with success and glee
unexpected assorted crisis, pummels a vision that only expected perfection
A glassful of regrets with unrealistic presumptions stirred with a twist of dejection.

This poem came to me as I realized that sometimes being overly optimistic and
reaching for gigantic goals can backfire when these dreams don't come true.
Where as if your expectations aren't so grand...and life hands you a few lemons..
You aren't as crushed by the disappointment of it all. You make the best lemonade you can with what you've got
and get on with it.


Queen-Size funny bone said...

after a few quarts of lemonade, the pucker isn't as strong.

forgetfulone said...

Nothing witty to say here like Tammy. Where does she get all that wit?! I enjoyed your poem and your statement after. Very good, as usual!

Giggles said...

Sadly excellent poem! If you could only beleive everything is for a reason. Sometimes to force a person onto a new path, I can attest to that!! For every door that closes a new one opens....sorry ...pretty redundant optimism....but I fill up on it.... I need to! That and gas then I'm ready to go!!

Love ya

anthonynorth said...

An excellent, thoughtful post. As I see it, there's two types of dreams - the big one which keeps you aspiring, and a series of little steps towards it.
Keep them in balance and life works.

paisley said...

i never had such high ideals set for myself,, but i still find myself making a lot of lemonade!!!!!

gautami tripathy said...

We do need dreams in order to survive. It truly depends on us how to make those come true...

stolen from the air

floreta said...

yup i try to live this way. i have come to found that having expectations sets you up for disappointment when what you expect doesn't happen.. you just have to roll with the punches and take each day one step at a time.

Anonymous said...

I love reading here Lucy...everything you say is so true and I love how you show us both sides of the coin! My philosophy is One step at a time, and when one dream doesn't materialize, it wasn't meant to be. Meanwhile another one is one the horizon. We never run out of dreams. At least, that's what I think!
Bella :)

Lucy said...

thanks so much everyone! finding all your wise and complimentary words at the end of my like finding a Big box of beautifully wrapped chocolate cookies on my desk! xox

JP/deb said...

It is about perspective! As usual, your thoughts are reflective and interesting.

Hope the coming week treats you well Lucy.

Peace & love. JP/deb

Skittles said...

How true. I do the same thing.. Think about the worst that could happen then usually am pleasantly surprised when things turn out better.

I don't like lemonade anyway. Neener neener.

Bone said...

For some reason, this reminds me of the Seinfeld when George finds the kid who aspires to be an architect and treats him like the son he never had. Then the kid changes his mind and says he wants to set his sights a little higher and be a city planner. And George says "Nothing is higher than an architect." LOL

Life would be sad without dreams--no matter how big or small.