Saturday, June 06, 2009

One Warm White Woman

My book club chose the book '1000 white women' **by Jim Fergus as this months selection.
It is so true that you can't judge a book by it's cover, because when I scanned this one, I thought.. oh pooey I don't want to read some book about indians in the 1800's. THEN i read the prologue and was Hooked immediately. This brilliant author wrote a fascinating story of fiction based on One TRUE fact in our countries history. That fact (which I had never heard before) is that a Cheyenne Indian Chief proposed to our president Ulysses S. Grant, a way to make lasting peace. The Chief proposed that If the government was to give the Cheyennes 1000 white women in exchange for 1000 horses, The Cheyennes could plant their 'seeds' and the next generation would be born with the white mans privileges and joined bloodlines. In reality the Chief was denied but in Mr. Fergus' clever book, he spins the entire concept into an interesting tale by questioning... what if the answer was YES?

While reading this book something strange dawned on me and I made an alarming personal discovery. (hope u are listening to primitive on my playlist)
I am extremely 'fired up' by primitive love! ( I was going to write Savage S** but Knew the hits on my site meter would be frighteningly over the top if I used the "S' word!)
My husband reminded me that I shouldn't be so shocked because this discovery is certainly not news to him... ( This statement after I told him I was buying HIM a loin cloth and full indian head dress for MY birthday) He reminded me That years ago the Tarzan greystoke movie very much eh hemm... 'affected ' me. As of course did Hottie HuGH Jackman the moment his claws appeared in the first Xmen movie! ( i remember clearly removing my sweater and asking my husband... Did it suddenly get hot in this theater??) Then of course there is BILL the savage vampire in HBO's Exciting series -true blood. (even if you don't have time to read this old post.. please DO read the 4 funny comments it got!)

So anyway... I started questioning what this all means about me? I mean.. I really am a mild mannered, peaceful, REsPECTABLE LADY!! I started questioning WHEN this obsession with 'the untamed??" began. How far back has savage S** been making me eh hmm 'feel all aglow'. Then it came to me... I distinctly remember being on a date with my husband, I looked at him while he was animatedly telling a funny story.... And was FONDLY reminded of a 'favorite' childhood character!! THE UNGA BUNGA MAN FROM MY BELOVED BUGS BUNNY CARTOONS!! HE was my first heart throb as a young girl! ( boy I should be lying on a couch somewhere!)

** excerpt from 1000 white women...
'it must have been a dream, for my husband was now in the tent with me, he was still dancing softly, noiselessly, his moccasined feet rising and falling gracefully, soundlessly, he spun softly around the fire, shaking his gourd rattle, which made no sound, danced like a spirit being around me where I lay sleeping. I began to become aroused felt a tingling in my stomach, an erotic tickle between".... Sorry....'cause...


Queen-Size funny bone said...

Is that fever getting to you deary?
Savage sex while your sick is bad for your health.

Forgetfulone said...

Unga Bunga Dude! Haven't thought of him in years! There is something exciting about a savage man!

Giggles said...

Lusty Lucy is your new nom!!
Isn't that just perfect for you....I can read between the lines you know, coz I'm psychic!!Holy hot dog lady.... another thing we have in common!! hahaha....they have to have good hands though...that's a must!!

That's all folks....good one!!

Hugs and many giggles from giggles!

rel said...

Did I ever tell you thar rel stands for real exotic lover?
rel :>)

paisley said...

do you know i do not know who the unga bunga man is from bugs bunny?? but even still i have always had a running fascination with bad boys... that is why i have been single and celibate for three years,, i always end up with bad boys that end up being just that... bad....

Bone said...

boy I should be lying on a couch somewhere

LOL Oh man, it's lines like that one that usually elicit a cackle from me and keep me coming back for more of your savage blogging.