Thursday, June 25, 2009

We are the world

Today is my eldest son's 25th birthday.
As I was busily preparing one of his favorite shrimp dinners and at the same time, making an 'organic' birthday cake, I heard the shocking news of Michael Jackson passing away. I was just as shocked at how much this news affected me as I was by his unexpected death. Like millions of people.. I loved his music. Like millions of people, I felt so sad to hear that he died at such a young age. But, maybe it is weird of me to talk about this.. but it also touched me as being unusual that HE would die on my son's birthday. Let me tell you why.. When my first baby was born in 1984, Michael Jackson was THE hottest pop star of that year. As I filled in my new little babies 'memory book', it asked questions like WHO is the most popular star of the day...
I remember so clearly filling in Michael Jackson's name, The name of his latest album-Thriller.
The names of hit songs from the album... (never imagining that my babies 25th b.d would be the day this performer passes)
One year later.. 1985...that same little baby LOVED Michael Jackson's video.. 'We are the world'
I had taped it and when ever my son was cranky I would replay it over and over for him and it helped to soothe him. He would often stand in his playpen and point to the vhs tape to let me know, he needed another dose of we are the world.
So do u see why I am left with chills and tears today? I think it is an eerie sign or something. (anyone have any idea what this crazy woman is feeling??)

Then of course there is poor Farrah passing away today as well.. Her birthday? FEB. 2nd the same as my middle sons! I don't know why all this has my head spinning, i guess I am just seeing signs of strangeness where there probably are none. Oh yeah... the other eerie thing.... Michael was 50... I am turning 50 this year.(although he is one year older) BUT also born in AUgust like me!! I grew up with him! I remember so clearly watching the jackson 5 on T.V. and knowing Michael was my age. I felt connected because of that. I am so sad for him. Regardless of all the accusations and suspicions and surgeries and criticism... The man was an amazingly talented artist. An incomparable legend of generations. I hope the media is kind and he is remembered for all his extraordinary accomplishments. rest in peace poor Mj.
(I cannot post the video (wish someone would help me with this!!) but you can click here to see it)
we are the world video


Giggles said...

Beautiful loving tribute Lucy! Happy Birthday to your dearest son! This is truly a sad story, especially when he leaves behind three young children. Two Icons in one day...all a part of our childhood! So sad....not a huge fan myself, I loved "we are the world" of my favorites...he is a respected artist... The shock of Micheal's passing has overshadowed poor Farrah's.Strange world the famous live in...makes you really appreciate the value of privacy...
Eventually you will understand the reason for all the synchronicity at this moment. For now the world mourns!!

Big hugs my dear!
Enjoy your son hitting the quarter of a century milestone!

paisley said...

so many tie ins these celebrities have in all of our lives.. what a sad day for the entertainment industry and the world...

Patois said...

I'm sorry you're sad. But I can't get behind being sad to see him gone.

forgetfulone said...

I grew up on MJ music, too. I'm a bit younger, not much, but he played such an important role in the music industry and pop culture. Thriller came out in 82, the start of my senior year of high school. But I remember watching the Jackson 5 as a kid and loving to dance to those songs.

Yes, you're almost 50, but you don't have dance-related injuries (that I know of. tee hee) or a doctor who lives with you and prescribes you pain meds. So, quit worrying about that part.

Lots of eerie coincidences, but just remember, that's all they are. Nice choice of music today!

Bone said...

I was just as shocked at how much this news affected me as I was by his unexpected death.

I felt the same way, Lucy. I kept asking myself and other people, why is this affecting me so much? It was just sad. Very sad.

Hopefully he's found the peace he never seemed to be able to find on this side.