Monday, January 15, 2007

Lights On (hope u will help)

I have a friend who is doing all she can to make a difference in our world. I have been lucky enough to know her since the day she was born. I have never met a young woman with more kindness and compassion for humanity. When she was a young teen, I remember asking her what she wanted to do in life. I will never forget her powerful answer. She replied- " I want to make a difference". Well, She certainly is. One of her many Ideas, is participating in a marathon to raise money for Leukemia and Lymphoma. I'm hoping if you think it's a good idea too, you will visit Elanas training page and make a contribution of whatever you can afford. I'm so impressed with Elanas Determination and drive. She is an inspiration to all generations. Go Elana! I Love you and I am rooting for you!
For more on Ideas go here

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Jane said...

Hi Lucy!

I'll go check this out. I like good causes. Last year I rode the MS 150 bike race for the cure. 2 days and 150 miles. It was SO HARD but worth every turn of the tires! My e-mail is

Hope you are having a good evening!