Thursday, January 18, 2007

Stuffed Peppers

Weight Watchers update.
I haven't mentioned this diet in a long, long time. Yes, I am still trying. Yes, I am still struggling. Yes, I am still hungry.
I had lost 9 pounds since starting on Oct. 3rd. This week,I have gained 3 pounds. At first, I hopped off that scale and thought-This is so unfair. This is so ridiculous. Then I started adding up all the points I never wrote down. The Eggplant rollatini at Emilio's. The 2nd hamburger on a KAISER ROLL. The handfuls of semi-sweet chocolate morsels as I pass the pantry.( i foolishly bought the humongous bag from Costco, for the few cookies i baked )
That's it! I am going to start again. Tonight I made Stuffed peppers that I think are SO good! They are low on points but a little time consuming. Would you like the recipe? You would! I like to make 6 of these so we can have it another night.

6 red peppers- Cut off tops (It looks nice if you save the top and put it back on after pepper is filled, i don't do this anymore because we don't want that much pepper)( okay, you're right- It's because I'm in a hurry) Clean out peppers. Wash them and put them in a steamer ( my preference) or just in a pot of water to boil. Don't let them get too soft.
Meanwhile make your sauce. I like to do it this way-
saute 1 1/2 onions, and 4 cloves of garlic and fresh parsley in a little bit of olive oil. Low heat till very soft
When done- remove 1/2 and put aside ( you will use this later for the meat)
Add two large cans of tuttorosso ( or your favorite) crushed tomatoes. Add Fresh oregano and basil , Sea Salt and Pepper , 2 or 3 drops of tabasco sauce.
( For pasta sauce I would also add red wine) ( just in case you want to know)
bring to boil then simmer.
Now it's time to make up your filling
I like to use turkey chop meat ( only because of W.W.-If I was eating my old way it would be pork/veal mix.) Trust me- If you don't have a dress to fit into for an upcoming wedding- You should GO for THAT!
In large non stick fry pan brown 2 pkgs. of chop meat. (about 2 lbs?) Drain ALL the fattening meat juice. Now add the sautéed onion mix. that you saved. 1 can of diced tomatoes.A few ladles of your delicious simmering sauce. Salt and Pepper and Old Bay spice. ( of course you should elaborate and make this your own filling- maybe you would love cumin or zest it up with some curry)
Once this is all stirred together and you taste it and it's delicious- You can start filling it into your pepper.
I like to put the sauce in an ovenproof bowl then the peppers. (Use a slotted spoon so they aren't too wet.)
At this point you can sprinkle a little FAT FREE mozzarella . I like to do all this work ahead of time. Then I bake it for about 30 min.( till every thing is nice and hot.) I serve it over Brown rice with a vegetable. My husband Loves sautéed mushrooms with this. It makes a filling addition to the meal. Make sure you Glob lots of sauce over rice and mushrooms and Yum! Hope you enjoy this!


Anonymous said...

From that recipe alone, I can tell you are a fabulous cook! You put me to shame. Your directions are so clear though, that maybe even I can do it. In any case, I'm on the WW bandwagon with you. Thanks for sharing your peppers.

Faith said...

I also follow weight watchers. Most of the time anyway. About 6 years ago I lost 25 pounds on it since then I've had a baby and it took almost 2 years but I found the resolve to do the weight watchers again and it worked for me the second time too. I am so happy because I found that once I got into it counting the points was almost sub concious and if I do go astray I feel confident that I know what to do to take the weight off again. It was truely the best money and time I ever spent. Now to get exercising:).... BTW your recipe sounds lovely I will try it next week. Oh and I LOVE your pink coffee pot!

ann said...

forget sharing your recipe - how about sharing some of those peppers! what time is dinner anyway?

Jo said...

Hi! Thanks for you comment on my blog today. When someone leaves a comment (a nice one), I am forever grateful!!

The recipe sounds yummy! WW is a great way to lose weight. Wish I could get up some motivation to go on it. I'll check back with you and maybe I can get some motivation from you. No pressure there, huh?

Jane said...

Good morning Lucy! That sounds so good. By the way, I've tagged you for a little game. Go check it out over at my blog :))

Anonymous said...

sorry, Lu, I just have to ask-I recognize the veggie wash in your picture, but is that hairspray beside it? Is that the reason my hair only looks good when I leave your house?
And your peppers look yummy!

Lucy said...

Lyn, That's not hairspray you see in the Kitchen! ( I'm not THAT obsessed with my hair!) That is Alterna Caviar Body Emulsion ( basically Expensive Hand cream!)

Ann- Dinner's at 6:30 most nights

Jane- I'm happy you tagged me!

Jo- You sound as grateful as I feel to have readers! I will definetly visit you more often :)

Speedy- I am returning that coffee pot even though I also Love the color! It was difficult to get the cover on and off then it broke off!

Spider- Good Luck on W.W. I will cook for you anytime! :)