Saturday, January 06, 2007


Where did the custom of kissing people hello & goodbye originate?
It seems some people are more comfortable with this tradition than others. I myself happen to be quite kissey. I've noticed a few people are not eager to make that warm connection. They seem uncomfortable with touching.
In my business, you get very friendly with your clients. ( hairstylist, not hooker). Touch, is a necessary part of it. Usually, by their 2nd or 3rd visit, I greet the women I truly like, with a warm hug and kiss on the cheek. Most people, seem to appreciate and cherish my friendliness. Some days (depending on who the client is and what their situation is), I realize that my warm hug may be the only one they receive that day. Several clients who are widowed and live alone, hold on to me a few seconds extra. This always tugs at my heart strings. I know they may not get much affection in their lonely lives. To realize that my touch may be the only warmth they get in maybe a week or more is so touching.
Those of us that are lucky enough to live with family members whom we love, Have several hugs and kisses each day. My boys, even though 2 are men, hug me at least once a day. I feel very blessed that my husband and I kiss each other often. In our 26 years married, we have always had at least a kiss each morning and before bed each evening.
Our kissing didn't start out so comfortably.......

He still teases me about that first kiss...
In my own defense Please keep in mind-
A. I was VERY young and B. I was EXTREMELY nervous-So, When my husband made that first kiss move.... i kissed him sooo fast, he thought he had a propeller in his mouth! Luckily for me, he wasn't deterred and on our second date things got very enjoyable. One of my favorite kissing memories of our early days, were the kisses we would catch at all the red lights. Every once in a while, he will still plant one at a red light and it brings me back to when "date kissing" was done for hours. I may be a kissey person, but seriously How did we tolerate all that friction???


Lisa said...

Lucy, it's nice that you're able to provide that little touch of affection for your clients. You're right, some of the elderly ladies probably appreciate it more than you know.

The first kiss story is cute! Glad the kisses have improved since then. :-)

Remiman said...

The happiness you bring to peoples lives is worth more than riches.

Jane said...

What a lovely post! I agree that we can make those connections by a simple hug and kiss on the cheek. So many people need that but are afraid to ask. Oh, and your comment on the kisses at the red lights brought me right back to an old boyfriend I had when I was 20. Thanks for the smile!!

paris parfait said...

Lovely post! And so true about older people, particularly those living on their own, needing a hug or sign of affection. Actually everyone needs that, no matter what their age, but for an older person it's more difficult to find, as their family and friends have often moved away or died, sadly.

Frances said...

There's nothing like seeing your hair stylist - those are special relationships. And you all remember so much about us.
Thanks for sharing.
I can't believe how many great takes I've read on this topic.
Take care,

Regina Clare Jane said...

I think touch is the most natural and wonderful thing there is- especially for our older folks who may not get as much touch as they should and deserve! That's great that you have such a rapport with your clients! This was a really "touching" post!

Jerri said...

Two years ago I bought a salon and spa, and one of the biggest surprises of the business is how much comfort we give to people, especially older women.

Blessings to you. This was a great post.

ann said...

maybe that propeller action was the reason he married you?

now I really can't wait to see you this Friday!

Sophie said...

What a nice kissing story :)

Made me think about different greeting styles cultures have. Maybe i'll write something about it later today.

Thanks for leaving that sweet comment on my blog!


deirdre said...

Those new-love kisses are so sweet - and so are the ones that come after years of knowing each other.

What a gift you give your clients. I see people all the time who probably don't get touched very often and it seems so sad. I'm a hugger and need touch in order to feel emotionally healthy.

Susan said...

You always make people feel so warm and welcome.
I miss you kisses and hugs

jennifer said...

This is such a great post!

I wish we americans were more European in our greetings..There is a sincere affection that I find there that is so absent here.

Glad you greet your clients with a kiss. :)

spider said...

Such a heartwarming post, Lucy! Nothing like a hug and/or kiss to make a dreary day bright. We're lucky couples, you and Peter, me and Chris...still very much in love and not afraid to show it after all these years. We celebrate our 27th in a week or so! Geesh!!

Here's to you, Ms. Propeller!!

Michelle said...

I just loved the story of your first kiss!!

Your post reminds me that we don't have to be in a "helping profession" in order to well, help people. Your clients are fortunate to have you.