Sunday, January 28, 2007

Chronic Chronicles

This weeks Sunday Scribblings topic is Chronicles. I am so disappointed that I am feeling even Less Prolific than usual.
So I will go for definition #2 and attempt to do a detailed narrative report of all the things I've wanted to accomplish around here.

-Put on goggles and a particle mask and attempt to clean all the ceiling fans.
( maybe a rain coat too?)
-Clean out my living room closet so i can store the vacuum there without having to put all my weight against the door.
-( First-Put on a girdle) and try to clean out my bedroom closet - Get rid of all NON fitting Pants
-Get the shop vac from the garage and try to vacuum the boiler room till I see... A boiler
-Go through ALL the saved paid bill receipts that I've been piling on a shelf in above mentioned living room closet
( What do Normal people do with all these?? Do I need to keep them? Help me- I'm drowning in useless paper)
- Utensil draw crumbs!
-refold underwear draw.... THROW out orange bikinis (from Fantasy post) and Other Un- Desirable Unmentionables
And last but probably the one i will have the most difficult time doing-
-Organize pictures from the last 22 years, and make a scrapbook for each of my deserving kids. ( any advice on "how to scrapbook" or more importantly "how to get organized"
or actually even MORE important- " how to get motivated"- Would be greatly appreciated-..


Anonymous said...

This is a good take on the prompt. We all have these chronicles of things we want to do. Good luck with your list.

rel said...

It does seem as though life is a series of never ending tasks

Jane said...

Lucy, I'm smiling and laughing at all of the tasks before you because this is exactly how I feel on any given day!! My best friend asked me to make a scrapbook for her and I said sure, no problem. When I went to pick up the pictures at her house, I needed a forklift to get them out to my car!!! I'm still looking at the bag of 1000's of photos wondering how I will even begin to tackle the project.

gautami tripathy said...
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rubyslippers said...

i just have to say that your comment on my blog about your "yoga experience" totally cracked me up!! nice visual! thanks for making me laugh.

Jo said...

I have a suggestion to ease the stress of having so many things to do. Don't fold your underwear. Really! That is something you shouldn't even worry about. Don't you feel better now?

Lucy said...

Thanks for writing everyone! Comments are the best part of blogging.
Jo- you are right- i do feel better!
ruby- You are reminding me I should blog about that experience!
Jane- good luck with that scrapbooking - can you do mine next? haha
Ally, Remi and guatami- thanks for understanding!

Anonymous said...

Oosh, Lucy - you made me exhausted just reading your cleaning "chronicles." Life, with all its cleaning, CAN sometimes be overwhelming. Still, it's nice to clear the deck, so to speak, sometimes. Even the spider needs dust the web occasionally to feel better....My sinuses certainly thank me for it.

ann said...

don't even wear underwear, then you can cross 'do laundry' off the list too! ;)

Anonymous said...

Just take one item from your list at a time, and they'll get done eventually.
Here's what I do: save the receipts from expensive or warranteed items, or anything that might have to be returned and shred the rest.
Get rid of the stuff in your closet that doesn't fit, is shabby or stained, etc. Step back, admire the new space and go buy yourself something new to celebrate.
Ceiling fans and boiler room? You're on your own, girlfriend!

Jane said...

Good morning Lucy! Thanks for your words, as usual :)) I never did read the next book by James Frey. Despite his dishonesty with A Million Little Pieces, it still pulled at my heart strings. I remember reading parts of it and thinking "wait a minute...if he was so messed up, how does he remember EVERY detail". Hope you are having a wonderful week!

Jane said...

Hi Lucy! I tagged you for a list of 5 things that made you smile this week :)