Thursday, November 01, 2007

"50's waitress serves up BLUGCK"

I set out to be a 50's waitress, but all my clients thought I was a little girl

Thanks to my Friend Jen.... I dressed up for Halloween again. For many years I was hating Halloween. Like I wrote in a post last year, I think it was from those years of worrying about my kids out trick or treating.
Just the act of putting on my costume made me feel a little more in the mood to have my door banged on every 10 minutes. It helped me tolerate a bit more -my two dogs going ballistic with each knock. It helped me not give a shit that I ate about 10 pounds of snickers and rolos and milkyways. Not to mention... putting me in such a festive mood... I made brownies with orange icing... (they were delicious too!). So do I thank you Miss Jenny? Or should I get on my broom stick and fly over to Vt. and bop you one?
As for serving BLUGCK..... I decided to make chicken pot pies for dinner. Easy as.. well.... Pie
These usually come out yummy and the family makes soft emmm noises while blowing on their bowls.( Even after cooling for a while, they are as hot as molten lava. Yesterday for some reason ( GEE JEN- MAYBE IT WAS MY FESTIVE SUGAR HIGH!!)
These usually tasty pies weren't as tasty. My husband ate some of his with not one complaint. Then he gently pushed his bowl away from him and said a word that I am having difficulty spelling.. BLUGCK. ( He even gave a little shudder, kind of like Lucy did after the vitametavegamin)
The best part of my Halloween.... Seeing my youngest dressed up as Frodo (from Lord of the Rings)
Everyone tells him he looks exactly like Elijah wood... So no one mistook him for anything else and he ate his dried out chicken pot pie without one negative expletive.


Anonymous said...

Ooooh, now there's one cute Lucy! So glad you're joining us Halloween crazies again!

And as for your pot pies...I can assure you no blugcks would come from anyone who took the time to cook for me. Good, pcm (politically correct around Ma), Frodo!! Peter, it's worth your while doing better than blugck, no matter how it tastes!
...advice from someone whose husband cooks for her...

Giggles said...

Are you adorable or what??? It's those to die for Mary Janes that make you look like a little girl...and your petite stature! Very the costume. This is where we differ, I have always loved Halloween. The last few years I haven't been too interested in it though. Maybe it's just become too redundant and I'm wanting to travel other paths, not really sure! I have a glass cake holder like that too....brownies look yummy! You'll have to post the pictures of your son.

Love and hugs Sherrie

Deirdre said...

I'm not much of a Halloween person at all, but those cute little kids just melt me.

As for the chocolate, oh my, I've got such a sugar crash going on right now.

Your costume is great.

Gill said...

Oh you look so cute in the costume! Halloween doesn't happen in South Africa, I get quite jealous!

daisies said...

you are sooo freaking cute!! : )

going vegan has its advantages or disadvantages depending on how you look at it ~ either way, there was no sugar high for me this year and that means no weight gain, tee hee ...


Jen B said...

I love the costume! If only I could look that young in anything! lol
My son was Lagolas from Lord of the Rings and nobody knew who he
Thanks for your comment on my sunday scribblings. It's nice to know someone else has gone through the same financial woes. We never think the injury or devastation will happen to us, then it does and wham, we're completely
Thanks for the encouragement!