Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Do Re Me ABC

Kim over at RED MOON tagged me with a meme whose rules are: Come up with an adjective to describe yourself for every letter of the alphabet. BUT all the adjectives must be positive - no self effacing!

So here I am in alphabetical order:

Affectionate ( I'm a hug and kiss kind of person)

Bubbly (the word my husband used to use to describe me, not so much lately!)

Cautious ( if you've read this blog... no need to explain)

Dramatic ( this can be good, no?)

Emotinal ( many would Say OVERLY emotional)

Funny (so I've been told)

Generous ( I love giving to others)

Healthy ( I'm proud that I am very healthy at 48)

Intuitive ( it must be a woman thing)

Jumpy ( I startle easily)

Kind ( sometimes too kind which can be a fault you know)

Little ( there is only 5' of me)

Maternal ( it's all I wanted in my life)

Nutty ( in a good way- ditsy would be appropriate too)

Obliging ( I think I'm very easy going)

Polite ( thankyou very much)

Quick ( I do many things super speedy,if you see me at Costco.. I'm the one running with the cart)

Repetitive ( I just remembered I ALREADY did one of these abc mems!, although the first word was there for me)

Sweet ( When people describe me it's either sweet or cute... I guess thats better than bitchy or ugly)

Thrifty ( Remind me to tell you the story of the TWO sausages)

Unscathed ( Do you know I have NEVER had a broken bone or serious injury?? This is due to letter 'C'.

Voluptuous ( let's just say.... I've ample supply)

Worthy ( I am a good person and deserving of good things in life)

Xdorable ( every time I'm stumped on a letter and ask my husband for a word he puts the letter I'm stumped on in front of adorable... so for letter 'X' I will go with his opinion!)

Youthful ( I am definitely young at heart and tend to dress a little trendy)

Zany ( no need for an explanation here)

I would love to tag Daisy Sherrie and Jen
Of course tag yourself if you have the desire.


Just Jen said...

This is really neat. I'll try it! It'd be nice to see if I even know that many adjectives...LOL

Just Jen said...

Alright meme's up. You have to tell about the two sausages, very curious....

spider said...

Here, here on the two sausages!! I'm a closet-sausage-lover at heart...shhhh...don't tell Chris, Ms. Xdorable!

Gill said...

Nice one! I am feeling all blogged out having *nearly* completed NaBloPoMo, otherwise I would give it a go myself.

Kimberley (from Red Moon) said...

Aha!So you can come up with 26 positive things about yourself. I love you included WORTHY. Because you are!

And now - you MUST divulge the 2 sausage story --- pleeeze :)

Jo said...

A lovely reply to the meme!