Friday, November 09, 2007

Lulus week off

We have been on vacation all week. It has been a lot of fun and it has really flown. On monday we went to the Borgata in Atlantic City. This was a late celebration of our 27th anniversary. My husband sweet talked the desk clerk and had us upgraded to a suite for the regular room price! It was one of the nicest hotel rooms I had ever stayed in. It definitely made the stay even more special. It made up for the fact that we lost every penny we brought to gamble. Why is it everybody thinks THEY will be the lucky one to hit it big? My husband was up for a while on the craps table.... but then I walked over and it wasn't long till he was Way down. I really think I am a bad luck charm. The last time we went gambling the same thing happened.
Another fun night was seeing "The Little Mermaid" on broadway. It is in previews and it was adorable. The actress playing Ariel really brought the cartoon character to life. Her name is Sierra Boggess. This was her broadway debut and she stole the show. I didn't feel this way about the actress playing Ursula. I was disappointed the she played her with too much humor, Instead, I would have preferred her intimidating and beastly. I was a bit disappointed in the show because I expected something along the lines of the incredibly amazing beauty and the beast. No comparison but I think little kids may disagree. Better than the show was the dinner before hand! If you ever visit NYC you HAVE to eat at my favorite Italian restaurant Patsy's The food is amazing. Their eggplant parm is better than mine and I think mine is pretty damn delicious! The wine was perfect the service perfect the shrimp scampi the best I've ever tasted. Even the fresh strawberries and whipped creme for dessert were the sweetest I've ever had.
Contrary to this fabulous meal was the dinner I didn't eat last night. We wanted to support a local town who has opened a theater with broadway actors. They actually commute here to Long Island from Manhattan. We know this is true, because there was a terrible accident on the railroad and the actors were delayed an hour. It was a long wait for the show to begin, but I felt it was worth the wait. We saw Jekyll and Hyde and the lead actor was fantastic. (Richard Todd Adams)
( I will get to the horrible restaurant in a second)
Maybe it was because the show started an hour late that we had a woman Snoring behind us the whole show! It was so annoying, yet No one poked her or said anything to her during intermission. Even her husband was napping, although he was at least a quiet napper. My husband looked at me when she started and I just started laughing. It seems these kind of people just find him. One time at a broadway show, he was seated next to a man who was eating noisy sunflower seeds. Another time a man was CLIPPING HIS FINGERNAILS! Who pays $100. a seat then grooms themselves?? My favorite time is when a lady sat behind him and then threw her large fur coat ON HIS HEAD! I am serious. People are so damn rude and inconsiderate, it amazes us. He took it off his head and turned and asked her "Can you please move your coat?" She said "where would you like me to put it?" I had to squeeze his knee to stop the response I KNEW he was going to reply! It now strikes me so funny, because it happens to him every where we go! One time when he was sitting in an aisle seat a whole bunch of little kids left their cheap seats and sat on the stairs next to him and Sang out loud with the broadway show! haha I'm surprised he still likes going to the theater.
Back to last night. To help support the town of Northport we thought we would also eat at one of their restaurants. We were recommended to Bistro 44. It was a small pub like restaurant. The menu was described as asian fusion. I didn't see much on the menu I liked. Shortly after I ordered my salad I noticed how many flies were buzzing about. Remember it is NoVember. I questioned the waitress and she said "yeah we have a real problem with them". Okay... We should have left then, but we ordered dinner. I've been loving the t.v. show Kitchen Nightmares. On one hysterical episode Chef Ramsey notices a zillion flies in the place. Of course he says
" What the fuck? Where are all these flies coming from?" WEll..... They were coming from THE filthiest kitchen I had ever seen. SOOOOO of course Little Paranoid, germaphobe LuLu began freaking out! When my dinner came it was disgusting and flies seemed to be the side dish. I sent it back and we left and got a slice of pizza. If you are ever in Northport, DON'T go near this flytrap. We were so sorry we didn't leave sooner. It cost us $90. for the salads and wine and the few bites my husband ate of his crappie dinner. An expensive lesson - If you have a bad feeling... Leave.
We only have a few more days off. I plan on relaxing, reading and eating at home!


Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Borgata, Patsys and the Little Mermaid sounded fantastique! The rest, no so much! I'm glad you had some great experiences on your vacation (and sorry for the rest). Peace & love, xx, JP/deb

Gill said...

Oh Lucy you had me sitting here with my mouth hanging open at your theatre experiences LOL! I'm glad you had some good experiences on vacation to balance out the bad :-)

~Michelle~ said...

Happy Anniversary! Your evening sounded soooo wonderful! Oh my ~ what an experience at the other restaurant...Eeek!

spider said...

Oh my gosh, Lucy! I've been working on and off the computer all day today, going to this site and that in-between work, and not once did even a tiny laugh emit from my mouth. But just now I read about the wacky folks who find a seat near you and Peter in the theater and all it took was the nail clipper to make me laugh loud enough I scared Chloe, the cat. Poor Peter...made a bloody freakin temporary coat rack!!!! Never a dull moment at the theater with you guys...geesh!!

giggles said...

You never cease to amaze me with your humor! Peter the coat hook? Poor dude...he must be a annoying people magnet! Thank goodness for those knee squeezes! Sounds like most of your holiday was fun...except for fly haven....can you say maggots...ewww...probably too much garbage around skin is and maggots can not been on the same planet lest I gag!
You should have named this post poor Peter...

Ever thought of doing stand up! Did you love Lucy as much as I did as a kid? haha

Still love her!
Hugs Sherrie