Saturday, November 03, 2007

working girls fantasy

we all need money but isn't it funny
that it doesn't just fall from our skies
for hydration there's rain and for heat- Mr. sunny
but damn...Money just doesn't materialize

Wouldn't it be nice if for every good deed
A pay check would float down from above??
It could wipe away crime and limit our greed
encouraging human decency and love
My thoughts are quite dreamy and this poem really cheesy
but imagine the world if all the dregs and the sleazy
could have cash in their fist with my utopian twist?

Help the elderly cross the street
Dollars appear at your feet
Rescue a dog give a child praise
More money falls.. You get a raise
Pick up litter Plant a tree
here comes hundreds 1 2 3
No need to rob a bank for the rent
Do a good deed! It is heaven sent!

Forgive my silly ranting, delusions of grandeur and delirious dribble
I've just worked all day for my money, I'm too pooped to write a decent scribble


giggles said...

So sweet are you! If only.....Mothers would be rich for sure! Wonderful thoughts!

Hugs Sherrie

Joseph C. Harris said...

Great Post. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment on my post.

Gill said...

I love it!! Very, very clever!

Crafty Green Poet said...

nice idea!

sister AE said...

what a fun idea!

Just Jen said...

It wasn't dribble, it was great fun! I loved it. I think it's good concept. Too bad it wasn't really like that. Wistful...

Awareness said...

I enjoyed your take on the prompt! Like you.......I will wish too.....for pennies from heaven. In the meantime, let us set out in search of that pot of gold and hope to God no one got there before us!!! Wouldn't that be a drag?

enjoy your week, and may you find a lucky coin or two in your travels.

Amber said...

Hello Lucy! Found through Kimberly over at Red Moon. So happy that I did...

This would be my fantasy come true, for sure. It kind of sucks to work 40 hours a week and still not be able to pay all your bills in one fell swoop...

At least this way, the only people who would be rich would be the people who really deserve it.

daisies said...

love love love :) you always make me smile!! xox

Greggo said...

oh, i've written much cheesier poems than this! lol. i actually really enjoyed this. it's a great sentiment, and a great wish.

UL said...

This was simply lovely, and so very true....'do a good deed' and be happy...thanks for sharing.

Jane said...

Truer words were never written :))

Happy Tuesday :))

kimberley said...

thought I left a comment here - this is the second time it's happened to me. I'm a bit flaky, so I'm not surprised! :)

Anyway - Delirious? maybe. Dribble? NEVER! Nothing wrong with fun writing with a bit of a message too.

Just wondering, how much does changing the kitty litter count for. My cat considers it an act of kindness. :)

~Michelle~ said...

This is a great idea!!!