Wednesday, June 11, 2008

13 Fathers DAy gift ideas

Sick of giving your dad a new tie each year?
Or a more apropos question would be-
Is your dad sick of getting a new tie each year??
Here are some alternate suggestions

1- A Dvd of an old tv series he liked ( the honeymooners is on dvd!)
2- A Cd of a band he HAD on lp and never bought on c.d..
3- A Gift Certificate to his favorite restaurant (this is good,'cause he may bring you along)
4- A Hand made coupon Giving him Car washes, or yard work from YoU!
5-An Ipod with all his favorites ALL ready loaded!
6- A new Book or a favorite classic
7-A caddy to hold all of his remotes
8-Lottery Scratch off tickets!
9-Bake his favorite cookies or cake
10-A gift certificate to his usual barber
11-a subscription to a magazine you think he'd be interested in
12-A nose hair trimmer! Or... a buzzer for his neck hair
13-A cool shirt to go with All those ties or a tie organizer!

Happy Fathers Day!
This was my 12th Thursday Thirteen already!
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forgetfulone said...

When I followed the T13 link, there was no comment section, so I just went to your page (not from the link) and I got here. Those are some terrific ideas! I really like the idea of getting DVD's of shows he used to like. Not for my dad, as he has passed on, but for my husband or for the kids' dad.

Giggles said...

Good ones....but Pepper got her dad a little key chain that holds digital photos...hows that for unusual! You can down load a pile of photos and it gives a dad bragging rights for up to three hours at a time!

Hugs Sherrie

Redheels said...

Lucy, you have some good ideas. I sure do miss my daddy. He's been gone for almost 17 years. I was a daddy's girl.

I enjoyed your post.

myrtle beached whale said...

Those are some great ideas, but number 12 might be a bit personal. Us geezers do not like being reminded of our increasing growth of wild hair. Substitute green fees and we are in business.

Tony said...

Wow.. Really great ideas!! I got a unique gifts from Gifts For You Now for this father's day.

Tammy said...

Great ideas Lucy! xxoo

mary said...

I made my hubby a shirt that said "Ishmael's Dad" with iron-on letter. It's his first father's day.