Sunday, June 15, 2008

Trust the voice within

The sunday scribblings prompt is Guide. I have had very little computer time lately. I decided to write exactly the first thoughts that came to mind, since my mind has also been a bit busy lately.
I hope to catch up on all my favorite blogs soon, I miss visiting you.

(turn up your volume for title song)

What 'guide' quickly brought to mind, Is how I have always felt we all have our own little guide living inside of each of us.
It's that little inner voice, Our conscience.. The Jiminy Cricket in all of us.
It feels like, as long as I can remember it has been speaking to me. Even though, due to various circumstances, I've had an extreme lack of parental guidance, I seemed to have been born with an innate sense of right and wrong. It's Clear. It's trustful, It's often difficult to fight. There were times I tried to be a bad girl, there were times I succeeded, Yet the guilt that haunted me was not worth the fun of the rebellion.
The inner voice is triumphant. I need to follow it's guidance, trust it's integrity. It's a value, a style I am just comfortable with.
I know it's in each of us, but there are some who can fight it without the consequence of remorse. What a much more peaceful world it would be If Every one would only surrender to their own inner ethical voice, if everyone could take a cue from a fairy tale...
"And always let your conscience be your guide"


Giggles said...

This post I could write verbatim, save the parental guidance which I had! I'm a huge Christina fan too....great choice! You have been missed, this is a very tender side of you!

Love Sherrie

Just Jen said...

jiminy cricket! he's so cute :D
I wonder if children come with a conscience sometimes....LOL
I was wondering where you've been! It's spring, being out is better than being in ;p

paisley said...

i am given to agree with you,, i have always felt the world would be a much better place could we all just do the next right thing... but think about it lucy,,, holy christ,, i'd have not a damn thing to write about had i always let my conscience be my guide!!!!LOL!!!!

Tammy said...

Hi Lucy,
I've missed you! I do believe in "that little voice" but I get wrapped up in my pride and sometimes ignore it. I have always thought it was God or at least one of his angels. ;)

Loving the music! HUGS

danni said...

if it feels good, do it --- if it doesn't feel good, then i know i'm giving my inner cricket a migraine --- what a nice post, lucy, much enjoyed!!!

Remiman said...

I prefer the guidence of Tinker Bell. She's more my style. ;)

JP/deb said...

Wonderful take on the prompt Lucy ... yes, we should listen to that inner Jimminy Cricket & let our conscience be our guide. Well said, my friend! JP/deb

keithsramblings said...

Unfortunately listening to my Jiminy Cricket has got me into all sorts of problems! Clearly mine is a bit of a devil!