Monday, June 23, 2008

Nearly 28 and counting

<--Our wedding day- 10/26/1980

June 15,2008- we are both sweaty and pooped (me- no makeup!) at the end of Fathers Day, but I like the pic anyway!

No matter what I have to go through in my life
there is one thing I can depend on. The unconditional
love and tremendous support I receive from my husband.
We have been through many difficult bumps in the almost
28 years we have been married. There were times when
we both felt we just couldn't take another beating. Life
sometimes has a way of making you feel like that. Like
it's round 12 and You just can't keep fighting, can't keep
trying to get back up from every stressful punch. We've discussed
how typical it would have been, to be crushed to a point where we
would have given up on each other through all the knockouts.
Instead, somehow we persevered and our marriage actually grew stronger
in spite of the upsetting difficulties. When he was at his lowest and even
HE felt, many women would have said Adious Baby,
I hung in there and made sure he got back on his feet.
Whenever I am having 'one of those days' where I could so easily
lose it and require a straight jacket, His intuitiveness 'picks up' on those
feelings instantly and He intervenes with various loving gestures..
ALL which seem, Just like THE magic potion required for bringing me
back to a normal pulse. Back to handling whatever situation is at hand
that I need to deal with. I've had younger women ask me what I think is the
secret ( if you want to call it that) to a long lasting happy marriage.
Besides the obvious - really loving a person. I would say it has to do with
3 C's-
consideration, communication and camaraderie. Being Considerate enough
to put your spouses feelings and needs above your own. Caring for their emotional upsets
and caring to make their life happy. Communicating EVery
feeling you need to express. Caring to want to hear their feelings.
Bouncing thoughts off each other. Never going to bed angry or
without first resolving problems between you.
Camaraderie- actually enjoying each others company. Enjoying some similar interests.
Working together as a team to raise the children. Wanting to spend time together.

I am not sure how 28 years have passed by already. It feels like a blur.
I am hoping we will be able to go the entire distance. I am hoping
we don't get hit below the belt too often.!
In the meantime...
I am confident that as I face another worrisome bout in my life.. He is
still my cornerman, ready to catch me. With him in my corner, I just can't fall.
♥ ♥


ann said...

Happy Anniversary you crazy love birds!

forgetfulone said...

Wow! You must have been 12 when you got married. 28 years! I think you hit the nail on the head with your 3 C's. Oh - you can start your scrapbook with that adorable wedding photo! Too bad you're not near Houston, or I'd be happy to have someone to scrapbook with.

keithsramblings said...

What a lovely story. I almost envy you! As a serial divorcee I sometimes wonder what it would have been like to made it past seven years of marriage, but now I have to say I love the single life and have no intention of changing it! And anyway, I was married 21 years! Okay, not to same woman but thats not bad for someone like me!

paisley said...

i do not know anyone in my generation that has a successfully marraige accept you lucy,, and i just love hearing about life the way i was told it would be,,,,you live a dream we all grew up believing would be ours,, and you got... so glad you see fit to share it....

Greyscale Territory said...

Adore this posting!

I finally found my perfect soulmate after 2 mistakes. But I don't regret those earlier days. I learnt to know myself a little better, grow stronger and really be what I wanted to be. Only then could I find the right guy, which, fortunately, I did.

~Michelle~ said...

You are very blessed as is your family. What a good example you are setting for your sons. I really admire you!

daisies said...

happy anniversary :) this is so beautiful :)

Tammy said...

Happy almost anniversary you two. I agree with the 3 c's but how do get your guy to communicate feelings? WOW

You go girl! XXOO

Giggles said...

So lovely to see marriage have the endurance that yours has. Marriage is work and I have no doubt you've both put as much into as you've gotten out of it! The three c's is a perfect summation of what works. Did you remember the Chemistry too! That "C" is imperative! Happiest anniversary my dear friend! May love and joy keep you up and running for years to come!
You too big guy!!

Hugs and Winks

Giggles said...

Oh..... love that sexy picture of the two of you! Love radiates off you guys.........or is that something else? lol

More hugs from Canada!

Just Jen said...

yay! Doing the happy dance for you two!
I'm with ya 100%! Communicate everything :D If you can't do that for some reason, then something isn't right. It'll 'just be' 14 or is it 15? years of marriage this august for Hubby and I. I don't know, I'll have to ask him...LOL
I hope we make it to 26 too! Isn't it wonderful that the harder life is, the closer you two get? I'm sooo happy for you!

Edward S Gault said...

Congratulations! I'm really happy for you both.
Your Three "C"s are true and boil down to one word, friendship. Karen and I had a long courtship(four years) and married in our late thirties. We have been married for seven years (and one baby girl later).We've had some hard times and challenges, but friendship was the needed constant. I can hardly wait until we can also say we've been married 28 years! Right now, I'm just going to enjoy them one at a time.
Thank You for such a great Post.
Again, Congratulations.

one more believer said...

a beautiful gesture of love...

Redness said...

The photo shows it all ... the love shines between you guys, the connection is so easy to see. Good on you both, hope it was your best anna yet. huge HUGS ;~)