Thursday, June 05, 2008

Got a few minutes?

Okay... It must be cyclical with me...
I again need to rant about things that have pissed me off this week!
The first thing, that I was hesitant to write about( sparing feelings crap) but feeling crazed tonight, I thought... What the Fuck!( If you don't like this expletive, leave now.. Im sure I will be re-using it because it's my favorite fucking expletive..)
People touching my stuff! My adult son had a few buddies over. They decided to go on my computer to look at.. who knows what!
I came home an hour later, no one is home. I go to use MY computer( key-fucking word MY) and MOST of my BOOKMARKS are deleted!! Yes.. just think about this one moment for my sake please... Imagine how YOU would feel... pretty enraged, NO?? YES I was beyond LIVID. At first I just couldn't understand... WHY?? why would ANYONE just delete something of someone else's?? I've been bookmarking on this computer for 4 years! So I call my son who asks his friend who used the computer and the friend said "OH did I? I was trying to delete the history of what we were looking at". (wonder what that was??) I can't even get into all I felt and what I said. BUT, even enraged, I am such a mush that when they came back and He looked so upset and felt SO awful, and he IS usually such a nice guy... I had to forgive him, even though It took 2 glasses of vino to calm down. All week, I've been so frustrated.. need to quickly go to library web site...OH NOT there! school district website... OH NOT there... All the blogs I visit... .. gone!
Some frequently visited blogs are on my google reader, but the ones I don't visit as often... Who the hell remembers their addresses?
I can't remember my own these days! I am always typing the wrong password into blogger! Even writing this has stirred up the hot temper in me that I felt last week. What really angered me further, was when my son (ring leader) said... What's the big deal really?? I mean so just type things in when you need them and bookmark them again. HE almost lost his head. He should thank god I had already had the wine.

My second rant involves what else... GAS As I am getting a fill up yesterday..(full serve at hess is self serve price)- I notice in my side-view mirror, a customer running towards my gas tank. Apparently when you have a pocket of air in there, the gas doesn't automatically stop... It just OVERFLOWS and POURS out of the tank! This nice guy saw it and ran to stop it, the two foreign speaking attendants didn't. When they came over and my pump said 59.25. These two generous souls said ... No worry Lady... No give us 25 cent. I said to them ARE YOU kidding me?? 25 cents? There has to be at least 2 gallons on the ground. "No, no, it not much." Then another attendant appeared explaining my tank had air and Blah Blah Blah. Like that's my fucking problem? Am I suppose to burp the tank each week? Even at 4.25 a gallon, It just wasn't worth my time to try and speak Pakistani and communicate my outrage about their unjust customer relations.

rant #3.. ARe you actually still with me? You are a kind soul.
The other day, some moron in my salon went on and on about how much she can't stand it, when she sees someone nursing their baby in public. I just don't get people like this... Especially a woman! My god, she had breasts.. what Does she think they were put there for?? besides that...
It was very hard to maintain professionalism, while cutting her hair straight, AND try to give her a (former) nursing mothers point of view. Then just this morning, I am reading one of those Dear whoever advice columns in my newspaper.... And some Asshole mother-in-law, is complaining about her daughter in-law nursing in front of company. She wants her to stay in a bedroom during parties and family events till she's done nursing.( this sometimes takes an hour, you know?) I keep fearing I have Alzheimer's, so please tell me.. Where are we living? What kind of society frowns on the simplistic beauty of a mother nurturing her baby, the way nature intended?
All this bullshit, brought back to mind similar scenes when I was a nursing mother. Once while visiting close friends, His very uptight mother popped in unexpectedly. I was sitting at their kitchen table very discreetly nursing my son. She came in all happy to see us and made small chit/chat and then she realized what I was doing.. as quick as my bookmarks deleted.... She got all weird and embarrassed and said she had to leave!! She LEFT her son's home because an unrestrained Breast was in the room!! How fucked up is that? My poor friend felt awful, and tried to apologize for her oddness. One of my all time favorite anti-breast feeding statements? My sisters friend, who said... "yeah, if he was a girl I would have nursed him, But you know , he is a boy"
It's been like 25 years since I heard that line, but I still don't know what the fuck she was talking about! I guess she is thinking of it as something sexual? And she would only do something sexual with... Her daughter??
If anyone understands this .. Please enlighten me.
I DO think it's nice to be considerate when near people feeling uncomfortable in the presence of the Dreaded Lactating breast... Nursing moms should try their best to be discreet. But geeez people... Its a breast. It's got an important job to do, Moms don't need your hangups making child rearing any harder than it already is.
I've got more to rant about, but I doubt anyone is listening anymore.. this is a bit long winded.. and long winded blog posts piss me off too, so I better just say..
thanks for listening to whatever you were able to bear. This REALLY felt like BLOGGING!
I feel better now.


forgetfulone said...

I actually enjoy reading your rants! I would have been pissed, too, about the computer. And people who don't like nursing mothers staying in the midst of a party should go and leave the room themselves. It's their personal problem. She was feeding a baby! OMG! As for gas, I spent $53.50 today to fill up my 4runner. Ugh!

Gill said...

The gas, the breast feeding.... I can see why that got your blood boiling, but the bookmarks, that takes the cake! OMG I would have flipped my lid! Now don't forget to bookmark my blog again OK LOL!

Giggles said...

There is something about peri menopause and intolerance...A line from a bif Naked song comes to mind...." WE AREN'T GONNA TAKE IT" Lucy we've gone for years la dee da mode....putting up with all this crap....not saying a word...Now it's as though all the pent up crap explodes....and there you have it, verbal diarrheal everywhere. All of my friends feel the same's an awaking this rant! I would be furious about the bookmarks...My computer is sacred and restricted to who goes on it for that reason. Kid don't care if your computer gets a long as theirs doesn't! My house, My rules is my motto!

I would have blatantly said to that customer...sorry we'll have to agree to disagree....(with your stupidity) well not the last part....but if it were a pms day, look out, it might have slipped out!

The gas thing, I was pumping the gas when it did that and backfired all over my clothes...." NO ONE LIGHT A FRIGGIN MATCH" Talk about explosive...yeah that was me....freaking out with my dress, long sweater, shoes drenched in gas....They did NOTHING!!! Yes the service station cashier was an idiot! I washed what I could in the washroom then went straight home to strip....but I should of had a vino! Bless you dear Lucy....hope you have a better weekend!! You have every right to rant!!! Big hugs to you!


paisley said...

feels good just to let it all out doesn't it... and here you don't even have to debate anything.. you just lay it all out there and let the chips fall where they may!!!! you go girl!!

daisies said...

i hope you feel better honey, there is something so freeing about a good rant and oh my do you have a lot to rant about. i would be ranting too!! warm hugs!!

one more believer said...

thoroughly enjoyed the f**$%g rant... yeppers, don't mess w/my computer... how bout when they change your screen colors, fonts... have never heard of that where it doesnt stop... glad there was a good samaritan to assist and a man to boot!.. nursing, best thing i ever did... and totally agree...

Lucy said...

This morning when I woke up, the first thing I thought of was.. "let me go delete that crazy post! I must sound deranged!"... then I saw all the kind, understanding comments and I'm happy I DID rant. Thanks so much everyone.. Nothing better than having your feelings acknowledged. :)

myrtle beached whale said...

I think the key to your blog for me was that he is your "adult" son. He should have his own computer to say nothing of place to live. I pump my own gas and never spill a drop. I like bare breasts in public in any situation. Any other rants you need me to solve.

Just Jen said...

1.don't you wish he was still young enough to ground him for life?
2. AUGH! I got an email of a solid silver car from....the middle east....we got stock in that car I tell you! I'll try and remember to forward it to you.
3. You should have popped your boob out of the baby's mouth and shot her! LOL
Ok, I sound brave but I'm not. My inlaws thought it was some sort of sexual thing and tried everything within their power to get me to bottle feed...imagine their surprise when their daughter decided to nurse too! Their OWN daughter, oh the horror. Once I asked what they did before bottles and they said, oh they had wet nurses....oh so someone else's breasts are better? How ridiculous is that?? We live in a society where it's okay to pierce your nipple but you can't breastfeed!
I feel your rants girl, rant away!

texasblu said...

Sometimes you just have to let it out - isn't it nice to have people to give you cyber hugs and tell you we like you no matter what?

I just want to tackle the breastfeeding thing, because I could be long winded on all of them, and it's just supposed to be a comment! I am right there with you - for an age of enlightment we are living in the dark ages when it comes to some things - it makes me mad when people want to force breastfeeding moms to another room - I felt like I was being ostracized during my first child. Then I grew a backbone and just told everyone else to go to hell - and they left me alone after that. :) Now Mom's come over to my house and at first they're kinda timid until I bluntly tell them we're so used to breasts hanging out around our house no one would notice, and they visibly relax and start laughing as they remember I nursed 6. I usually get a comment like, "Yeah, I guess you'd know something about that."


rebecca said...

deletion of bookmarks....not cool, not cool at all. i can't see any one of us being la-di-da about this. that you were actually kind to this kid afterwards proves you are just too forgiving and sweet....i would have never let him in my house ever again...LOL (kidding) :)

nursing mothers: hey, it's nature and natural. unless the woman has her exposed boob in your face, then say something (though i can't imagine any man saying anything). but nowadays they have cover ups for nursing what's the deal? you know what? there's a lot more serious shit going on in the world, let's put things in perspective now.

gas: i'm not even going to go there....i think we'll hit $5 this year my friend. that bike's looking mighty good right now.

lucy - rant away....this was good. i loved it. we need a good ranting blog.

keith hillman said...

I must say, I enjoyed your rant!But if I was paying just $4.25 a gallon right now, I wouldnt wory about a bit on the ground! We've just hit the magic £6 a gallon mark - that's a little over $12 to you!

redness said...

I am right with you on everything you said - it was a brilliant rant, full of everything we can all relate to - well that is except the history deleter, he needs to be dealth with severely. Hope you have recovered, you're too gorgeous for any furrows on that troubled brow - pass the vino. x0.

Anonymous said...

WOW, I AM SPEECHLESS.............


latree said...

rant #1: it sucks.
rant #2: what a waste
rant #3: i did breast my babies in front of people, but i covered the part i didn't want people to see. fair enough?

The Gal Herself said...

I am so with you on #1! My best friend, a former coworker, moved away and I miss him every damn day. So much sometimes it hurts. BUT when I think of how he used to come into my office and mindlessly play with everything on MY desk, I somehow don't miss him so much.

#2, I don't have a car and #3, I've never had a baby. But oh, I completely understand your reaction to #1!

Redheels said...

I know exactly what you are saying about your computer. I finally had to password mine at home and purchased one so everyone else would have one to use. I did this AFTER someone deleted all my files and hid the address bar. I am not really good with a computer, so needless to say all that just about took me over the edge.

Let me just say gas prices suck and it would be really hard to pay for gas on the ground.

As for the nursing in public, I am a firm believer in letting people do what they feel is right in their life.

Tammy said...

Bummer Lucy! I would have been really pissed and not allowed future computer sharing. I am still a hard ass mom. ;)

Gas is at $4.35 here and climbing.

I bet it felt good to purge (no pun intended). :) BIG HUG!