Saturday, December 06, 2008

Lovely Linda

my 'future' husband is now a cop in LA!

I heard from my childhood friend Linda today. I've written a lot about her. I've written about how, when we were young we would write 'future' letters. We dreamed up fantasy future lives for ourselves. Lives that we imagined would have separated us in distance, but Not in heart, for we would write back and forth every week.(and we did write these future letters back and forth for SO long, even though we saw each other every day!) I imagined I lived in Connecticut and had a gorgeous life. In her illusion, She lived somewhere else with other imaginary loved ones and we would write to each other and tell about all the fantastic things we and our make believe husbands, children, friends were up to. (we were weird kids!)
Tonight in REAL life, we tried to catch up on events since the last time we spoke.
I could sense the sadness in her voice. She could sense I wasn't being truthful when I said 'everything is fine'. Even though we don't see each other or speak too often, I guess when you have a history like the one we shared together as children, you just really really know the other person. AFter confessing different difficulties and each of us encouraging each other as best as we could during what she needed be a short conversation, I couldn't help laughing. I couldn't help remembering those zany letters. I said.. "Gee Lyn, I don't remember any of this shit in those Future letters! Wasn't the future utopia? We were SO young and SO insanely idealistic, problems were never even a consideration!!" It took her a second but then she remembered what I was talking about and had a good laugh too. She said.. "didn't u live in Connecticut?!"
(I think Bobby Sherman was my husband too!)
I was so happy that THaT memory was able to take her back and give her a lift from her present day gloom. Maybe that was the reason we felt we needed to write those letters so long ago. We didn't know it back then, but maybe the reason those letters felt SO necessary to invent, was the treasured memories they would add to our actual futures.
NAH! It was more likely our overdose of the brady bunch and wAy too much sugary foods and idol time.


Queen-Size funny bone said...

He is not as cute as I remember.

Giggles said...

Great memories.. I was odd...I never idolized any stars. All my friends did though. However I had idealistic hopes and dreams....look where that got me...not even close to what I thought it might be!

I think you got the best deal ever...with Mr.Petals....he is a true gem! A diamond I tell ya!

Hugs Giggles

Anonymous said...

I'm just like Giggles in that I never dreamed of stars. However, my good friend was madly in love with Bobby Sherman-- and oddly enough, married a cop. I've got to tell her about what has become of her old heart throb. What a fun post!

gel said...

heart-tugging and glad you two have maintained a connection.
(Brady Bunch: LOL- yes, I also remember them, but not Bobby Sherman- wait OMG, was he "cute little "bobby" on the BB?)

Anonymous said...

I was going to live with Bon Jovi and travel the world...what did I know?