Monday, March 09, 2009

Another One!

After that last post, I couldn't resist writing about last nights dream as well. Here we go again, you would think I eat garlic cloves before bed! CRAzzYY dreams! I had a vivid dream that I was at my sisters house but of course it wasn't anything like my sisters house. I was trying to leave to catch a BUS to go home (weird, because I would never take a bus to her house!!) Anyway, It was raining really hard and I was trying to find my dog Molly to take her home. Finally, I put her leash on her and was trying to drag her outside and she didn't want to leave my sisters house. SO to persuade her I sweetly asked... "Come on Moll, Don't u want to go home and see Cosmo? ( my other dog).. Do u remember Cosmo?" AND HERE is where the dream gets SUPER freaky... MOlly who still has her cute shaggy Molly hair ( look right and you can see her picture ->)
NOW has my neighbors Son's face!!! HIS face with her shaggy DOG hair!! and all of a sudden Molly is in a BABY carriage and she Says really clearly and slowly and quite adorably.. "I re-mem-ber Cos-mo" I then excitedly say to my sister... Oh my god! did u hear that?!! Molly Spoke!! She Spoke!! OH WoW!! ( i guess even with the baby carriage and face of a real child... I still thought she was a dog? ) I have NO idea... When I told this whole crazy dream to my husband this morning.. With a worried expression, He seriously asked me if I had begun dropping acid?
He Never remembers his dreams and mine are a crazy freak show. ( btw.. We did make our bus!)
** update** Over dinner, I just told my youngest son Joey this story and through his laughter he said.. You made the bus, eh Mom? Where did it take u to the nearest mental institute?
my smart ass kids! no wonder I am having nightmares about babies!!


Queen-Size funny bone said...

something must be troubling you concerning kids.

Tammy said...

I laughed at your son's response but then I remembered how much my kids give me a hard time with humor. I laugh with them but it gets OLD.

Take two shots and I'll send my bill.

Giggles said...

First gotta stop smokin that wacky tabakie! But of course I know that's not so....Second I'm thinkin " have you been eatin any homemade brownies the boys made? Of course you are more the cookie monster type.....Third I'm thinkin you ate Canadian cheddar cheese before bed didn't you? That give you nutzo dreams every time....

Not to worry I was acting my kind of normal...and the kids think I'm nutz.....of course we almost pee our pants laughing...but that's a good thing...

Love you even if you go crazy...I may even visit if they banish you to the loony bin!